Urban Outfitters Phone Case

Phone accessories are probably one of the things I love about owning an Iphone. (Team Apple!) Iphones always seem to have various phone cases and this particular phone case came from Urban Outfitters.


For $25 + tax, I purchased this phone case from Urban Outfitters. This store has plenty of different trinkets along with the clothes that are sold. What caught my eye about this phone case were the many little silver glittery shapes found in the actual phone case. If you tipped the phone case around the glittery shapes and blue glitter would swirl around like a snow globe.


It’s such a pretty phone case and I used it for a good year. Unfortunately I had dropped it on several occasions and it ended up cracking on the side. Some of the liquid contents of the phone case started dripping out, so I had removed it so as to not damage my phone. For $25, I thought this case was a steal. If I used it 25 times ($1 rule written in a previous post), then I got my money’s worth.

Aesthetically speaking, this phone case was super pretty. Many compliments paid forward for this phone case, and many others would love to play around with this case. Price – definitely worth the money. I definitely would purchase this phone case again in the future.

~Miss Happy Penguin



Review: David’s Tea – Honey, I Dew


Honey, I Dew. What an adorable name for a tea, am I right? I swear that was the first thing I thought when I first saw this on the shelf. David’s Tea has so many different types of teas, but they always seem to have such clever names.

When I bought this tea, I wanted something fruity, something that would be perfect for an iced tea. In the summer (time of purchase), I picked this one out just to see if it would be good cold. Often I would brew myself an iced tea for my drives to work, so this was a good chance to give something new a try.

The first thing that I noticed about this tea were the little pieces of melon and apple in the tea mix. They were cut into little cubes and mixed along with some flower leaves. I suspect those were the rose petals described in the ingredients section. Even the scent of the tea made me certain that this was a good tea blend.

I steeped it in hot water for about 5 minutes (as directed) and shocked it with 5-6 ice cubes to make my iced tea. The steeped colour was a light yellow-brown hue. The tea smelled super fruity and aromatic from the flower petals. After my first few sips, I knew that this would be one of my summer go-to ice teas. It was super light and the flower petals didn’t overwhelm the tastes of the various fruits found in this blend.

Overall this tea was a great choice. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and I’m not quite sure when it will come back. So if you ever get a chance to try this, definitely do!

~Miss Happy Penguin


David’s Tea Top Iced Teas – Singles

David’s Tea. The go-to-to place to buy all sorts of teas. This was gifted to me awhile back from the summer from a friend who knew I absolutely loved iced teas. I occasionally brought this with me when I was running errands in the summer and it was a good pick-me-up for those hot days. It kept me cool and was super refreshing!

This package contains three types of tea – Pom Diggity, Pink Lemonade and Green Passionfruit.


I love that they come in little single packages – just enough for one class of iced tea. It comes in handy as well when you’re travelling and just wanted to bring a few!

Each had its own sort of flavour. Pom Diggety was an interesting flavour but honestly probably my favourite out of the three. It was super refreshing and you could really taste the pomegranate seeds that were infused in this tea. I had to add a bit of sugar to bring up the taste, but other than that, it was great.

Pink Lemonade was a lot stronger of a flavour than I thought it would be. There was just so much in the first few sips that it is hard to process what is really in it. It has more of a tangy sort of taste and there are pieces of pineapples in this tea which makes it extra fruity for the summer.

Green Passionfruit was probably my least favourite out of the three. After trying it with and without sugar, I didn’t like it. It just tasted very bland. I have been told to try this tea mix in a martini, so that might actually bring up the taste. Unfortunately by itself, I would not drink it iced or hot.

This tea package set was such a great gift and I have to give my kudos to David’s Tea for having the best sort of packages to give to people. They are usually quite well packaged and the teas that they include are almost always awesome. It’s also a great gift item to let your friends a selection of teas from David’s Tea if they haven’t already!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

Etude House has been one of the Korean brands that I’ve been meaning to try more, but I haven’t had too many chances to try them. My friend sent me the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur which acts as a smoothing products that goes on after moisturizer but before any foundations. I’ve been using it more as a BB cream.


This product contains SPF 33+ but I still use regular face sunscreen along with this product to protect my skin.

The original packaging of this product is super simple. It tells you exactly what it is supposed to do – smoothing, pore hiding and toning up. It is also the exact colour of the actual product, so it’s nothing too surprising.

The product has a pump so it is definitely much more hygienic since I won’t be dipping my product back and forth. I find it is super important that there are products that try to keep as hygienic as possible so to avoid bacteria growth.

The formulation is super smooth and it doesn’t require too much to spread around the area needed. I found that the product blended into my skin very well and it didn’t take long for it to be absorbed. It left no residue whatsoever so it is a plus in my books.

Overall this is a really good product. I had to look up the price of it – one bottle costs ~$15-20 CAD, which is a decent price. Two pumps is enough to cover my whole face, so the product lasts for a long period of time. It also blends well into any skin colour – even my more tanned complexion seems to blend well – without leaving residue or streaks. It also has cute packaging, which is aesthetically pleasing to any customers buying the product. This product is another yes in my books and I would purchase it again.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Tony Moly Pureness 100 Shea Butter Sheet Mask

Moisturizing sheet masks are one of the things I tend to do at least once a week after my nightly routine of washing my face, exfoliating and moisturizing. It is the last step in my routine so my skin can absorb the most moisture it can from these masks. Tony Moly is my go-to brand when it comes to sheet masks.


I have tried other masks in the Tony Moly Pureness 100 series but this was my first time trying the Shea Butter one. I find Shea Butter has a distinctive scent and a lot of individuals seem to find it a little bit more fragrant but I find it really soothing.


As per usual, this mask is worn for 20-30 minutes. I tend to wear mine for a little more than half an hour and I also smear any of the leftover product on my arm and on my neck.


This mask was super moisturizing and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. The scent was not too strong in my opinion, and my skin was left feeling rejuvenated. It is probably one of my favourite masks in the Pureness 100 series.

Before I forget, this mask was only $5 CAD, which is quite cheap. When I bought this mask, I bought 5 at a time for $25 CAD, which is a steal. With the low costs and the benefits of this mask, I would buy it again for sure. Thank you to Tony Moly for making another amazing product!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Tony Moly PM08 Nailpolish

Tony Moly was always known for their makeup products and for their skin care products. I saw this little nail polish on one of the shelves, and I was willing to give it a try.


This little 8 mL bottle was only $3 CAD, so it was definitely worth giving a try. It’s colour reminds me of a glittery milk shake because of the light pastel pink hue and the tiny little bits of coloured glitter.

This hue is definitely light and it required 2 coatings for the colour to really shine through. I also wanted to apply more to get more glitter on my nails.


As shown in the image above, the colour is very light. The polish is a milky pink colour which blends into my original nail colour. The flitter pieces are big enough as well that you can see them on the actual nail. It’s a beautiful colour with an added sparkle. I would paint my nails this colour for casual days.

Overall this polish was really good for the inexpensive cost. Its formulation is a bit on the lighter side but can be solved with another coating. I would recommend trying the polishes if you haven’t already!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Tony Moly Perfect Lip & Eye Remover

Waterproof eyeliner. Waterproof mascara. Stain proof lipstick. These are the types of items that most people use but it’s one of the most annoying products to be removed at the end of the day.


Tony Moly has a lip & eye makeup remover that I was willing to give a try on my search for the holy grail makeup remover. This little bottle of 100 mL costed a little under $10 CAD. I think someone missed a word in the title of the product, but it is a makeup remover nonetheless.

This bottle is small and portable (great for when you’re travelling) and it is super easy to use. You give it a little shake so that the liquids can mix and dab it a few times on a cotton pad before use. This product is specified to be used on the lip and eye area.

The top of the product comes sealed and can be easily removed once the cap has been twisted off. Most waterproof removing products tend to leave an oily aftereffect but I was pleasantly surprised that this product felt light after use. Although I saw the two liquids mix together (the top liquid being oil), I didn’t feel as if it had that much oil. I found it to be a shocker because both my eye makeup and lipstick were removed with ease.

I’m not going to lie, but this makeup remover is by far one of my favourite ones. It even tops the Lancome Bi-Facial Makeup Remover. Although I have tried the Lancome Makeup Remover a couple of times from a friend, I could not believe that a makeup remover felt light as water after using it. (I will do a review of the Lancome one later in the future to show you the comparison). The price itself was only a third of the price of its Lancome counterpart! If you ever get a chance to buy this product, definitely give it a try. Finally I have found an effective makeup remover for a decent price!

~Miss Happy Penguin