Tony Moly Claynetic Pack

Tony Moly. Of course if you were to buy a whole bunch of products from the store, they give you samples. This sample was definitely one worth mentioning because of the interesting effects it has during the actual clay mask process.

This little sample was just a tiny amount of clay product for one time use. It came in a little teal coloured packet which was identical to the colour of the full sized product container.

I opened up the packet to find a good amount of product. It had a light green coloured hue. I applied it all over my face, and I immediately felt a tingling sensation. This mask was told to react directly on your skin as if it was a magnetic sort of feeling.

As seen above, the product began to bubble and it felt as if it was being oxidized right onto my skin. I felt as if my skin was being bloated, but only on the areas where the product were applied.


After 15 minutes, the product stopped bubbling and it began to dry up. As shown in the above photo, this is what it looked like after 15 minutes. I immediately washed the clay off my face and my skin felt a lot lighter. This claynetic mask by Tony Moly reminds me a lot like the bubble mask that has been quite popular these past few years. It does not foam up/bubble up like that particular mask, and it seems to bubble up on a smaller level.

Tony Moly has always got me loving their products. This sample is no exception. The full-sized product is currently not sold on the Tony Moly site, but it can be found on other sites. It is currently retailed in a set for around $35 + tax, which is a pretty good deal because I find a lot of products are a stand-alone at that price. I definitely plan on repurchasing this product again. It left my skin feeling super clean but I would use this along with another product to clean my pores before using this!

~Miss Happy Penguin



Starbucks Via Instant Iced Coffee

Caffeine. Coffee. The elixir of life. Anyone out that that hasn’t had caffeine in their system has not felt the reality of life just yet.


I was never a big coffee drinker back when I was in school. The first time ever trying coffee, I told myself that it was way too bitter (even if I added crazy amounts of sugar and milk/cream). After being introduced to iced coffee, we were on a whole other level.

Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup, etc were the staple coffee stores that I would get my iced coffees. One of my friends gifted me this box of instant iced coffee.

Each box contained 5 packets of iced coffee mix in these little packets. These are already sweetened packets, so no need to worry about adding anymore sugar afterwards. I suppose this helps out those lazy and/or busy individuals out there.


Easy instructions are found at the back of the box.

As followed, 475 mL of water were placed into the cup.

Opened up the package and placed into the water mixture.



I added some milk and some ice, and voila! We have our iced teas ready to go. Honestly, this was absolutely a great way of getting your iced coffee for the morning or for a nice hot day out without having to actually going to Starbucks and ordering one.

For retail, a box of 5 or 6 costs around $30 + tax. I suppose you’re paying a little less if you buy the box since an iced coffee at Starbucks is close to $5 depending on the size you get. My bottle is can hold 475 mL which is around the same size as a Grande at Starbucks, so I would say you’re getting your money’s worth along with saving the trip of going to Starbucks.

Unfortunately I found it to be a little sweeter than my own iced coffees. I probably would not repurchase this box but for anyone that wants an instant fix of iced coffee from Starbucks, this is a great option!

~ Miss Happy Penguin


Novo Marble Laptop Case

Marble. I swear that must have been the trend of last year. Every person seemed to have had a marble case for their phone, agenda, laptop, notebook, etc. I jumped the bandwagon for sure and purchased myself a Novo Marble Laptop Case. I ordered it off of Amazon for $20 CAD + tax.


The case was a white marble design, which was I quite liked since it matches the silver of the Macbook Air series. I own a 13 inch one since I prefer carrying a lighter laptop if I ever have to bring it anywhere to do work and whatnot.


Before buying this case, I knew Novo was a good brand for a lot of cases. A few friends had recommended this brand as well so I thought I would give it a try. It came with the front cover (white marble design) with the bottom cover (hard shell in white with novo written in a dark grey font colour).


The fact that this cover was a hard shell made it more inclined to buy it. I just felt that if I were to drop my laptop, it would feel more protected. The actual front cover has a smooth texture but is still a hard shell cover.

This case was a good buy. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I don’t have any scratches whatsoever. It has kept my laptop safe and I feel that my laptop is kept clean. This case is also used as a dual flat lay background if I ever need it to take any photos. You’ll notice that some of my photos might have a marble design as the background! Anyways, thanks again for staying tuned to my blog posts. I hope to write more to you all!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Victoria’a Secret Love Spell


One can never have too many lotions. Another gifted item but from my birthday was this lovely fragrance lotion by Victoria’s Secret. This is from the Love Spell line.


This specific product size costs around $20 + tax, which is a decent price for what you’re getting. The scent is simply divine. It isn’t too overpowering and it doesn’t give you a headache after one application. This fragrance lotion smells of roses and various other flowers. It’s a subtle girly scent and it lasts for a long period of time.

The spout of the product is super simple, just pop off the top and apply it right to the skin.


This lotion is a little oily; if you’ve got dry skin, this would work in your favour. Unfortunately it isn’t as moisturizing as I thought it would be. It isn’t very hydrating and I find it requires multiple applications before it feels as if it has sunken into your skin. I tend to use this lotion after using a regular scented moisturizer. It works well as a fragrance, and I would most likely repurchase it again if it was solely a fragrance.

I would probably not re-buy this lotion specifically, and only get the fragrance mist version of this if I go back to VS. It was a lovely gift from my friend, and I would definitely get it as a gift for someone else, but for the price you;re paying for a not-so-moisturizing lotion, I would not get it again for myself.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Urban Outfitters Phone Case

Phone accessories are probably one of the things I love about owning an Iphone. (Team Apple!) Iphones always seem to have various phone cases and this particular phone case came from Urban Outfitters.


For $25 + tax, I purchased this phone case from Urban Outfitters. This store has plenty of different trinkets along with the clothes that are sold. What caught my eye about this phone case were the many little silver glittery shapes found in the actual phone case. If you tipped the phone case around the glittery shapes and blue glitter would swirl around like a snow globe.


It’s such a pretty phone case and I used it for a good year. Unfortunately I had dropped it on several occasions and it ended up cracking on the side. Some of the liquid contents of the phone case started dripping out, so I had removed it so as to not damage my phone. For $25, I thought this case was a steal. If I used it 25 times ($1 rule written in a previous post), then I got my money’s worth.

Aesthetically speaking, this phone case was super pretty. Many compliments paid forward for this phone case, and many others would love to play around with this case. Price – definitely worth the money. I definitely would purchase this phone case again in the future.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: David’s Tea – Honey, I Dew


Honey, I Dew. What an adorable name for a tea, am I right? I swear that was the first thing I thought when I first saw this on the shelf. David’s Tea has so many different types of teas, but they always seem to have such clever names.

When I bought this tea, I wanted something fruity, something that would be perfect for an iced tea. In the summer (time of purchase), I picked this one out just to see if it would be good cold. Often I would brew myself an iced tea for my drives to work, so this was a good chance to give something new a try.

The first thing that I noticed about this tea were the little pieces of melon and apple in the tea mix. They were cut into little cubes and mixed along with some flower leaves. I suspect those were the rose petals described in the ingredients section. Even the scent of the tea made me certain that this was a good tea blend.

I steeped it in hot water for about 5 minutes (as directed) and shocked it with 5-6 ice cubes to make my iced tea. The steeped colour was a light yellow-brown hue. The tea smelled super fruity and aromatic from the flower petals. After my first few sips, I knew that this would be one of my summer go-to ice teas. It was super light and the flower petals didn’t overwhelm the tastes of the various fruits found in this blend.

Overall this tea was a great choice. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and I’m not quite sure when it will come back. So if you ever get a chance to try this, definitely do!

~Miss Happy Penguin


David’s Tea Top Iced Teas – Singles

David’s Tea. The go-to-to place to buy all sorts of teas. This was gifted to me awhile back from the summer from a friend who knew I absolutely loved iced teas. I occasionally brought this with me when I was running errands in the summer and it was a good pick-me-up for those hot days. It kept me cool and was super refreshing!

This package contains three types of tea – Pom Diggity, Pink Lemonade and Green Passionfruit.


I love that they come in little single packages – just enough for one class of iced tea. It comes in handy as well when you’re travelling and just wanted to bring a few!

Each had its own sort of flavour. Pom Diggety was an interesting flavour but honestly probably my favourite out of the three. It was super refreshing and you could really taste the pomegranate seeds that were infused in this tea. I had to add a bit of sugar to bring up the taste, but other than that, it was great.

Pink Lemonade was a lot stronger of a flavour than I thought it would be. There was just so much in the first few sips that it is hard to process what is really in it. It has more of a tangy sort of taste and there are pieces of pineapples in this tea which makes it extra fruity for the summer.

Green Passionfruit was probably my least favourite out of the three. After trying it with and without sugar, I didn’t like it. It just tasted very bland. I have been told to try this tea mix in a martini, so that might actually bring up the taste. Unfortunately by itself, I would not drink it iced or hot.

This tea package set was such a great gift and I have to give my kudos to David’s Tea for having the best sort of packages to give to people. They are usually quite well packaged and the teas that they include are almost always awesome. It’s also a great gift item to let your friends a selection of teas from David’s Tea if they haven’t already!

~Miss Happy Penguin