Tsum Tsums

Tsum tsums. Adorable name for some adorable Disney plushies? Yes please!

Daisy Duck, Donkey and Mickey Mouse

I think I’m slightly obsessed with these adorable hand-held plushies! They’re ever so cute! These plushies are based on Disney characters. Below is my current collection of Tsum Tsums. I definitely want more of them. Look below for the characters that I have in my collection.*

IMG_1158They are easy to stack and they are just the cutest things to add a bit of fun into your room! I grew up with Disney, so it was nice to see all the original and newer characters in the store.

Tsum tsums originated in Asia (I do believe in Japan!) and has slowly trickled their way to North America. I bought these at the New York Times Square Disney store. I went there a couple of times and have added them slowly to my collection. You can buy them at nearly any Disney store across North America (the states and in Canadian cities). They come in different sizes that range from small to large. The ones in the photos are of the smallest size and I have two more Tsum Tsums that are of the largest size. I currently have Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh in the large size. I will have to post a photo afterwards with some more updates!

Great gift for any Disney lovers out there or for a significant other! Might even be a great Valentine’s gift idea for anyone out there looking for a simple but cute gift! These plushies are hard not to love!

IMG_1161  IMG_1160  IMG_1163

~ Miss Happy Penguin


*First row: Daisy Duck, Jessie, Micky Mouse, Woody, Alice in Wonderland, Donkey, Three Peas in a Pod
*Second row: Stitch, Chip, Dumbo, Alien, Stinky Pete, Bullseye
*Third row: Dale, King o Hearts, Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Marie, Hamm
*Fourth row: Snow White, Buzz LightYear, Piglet, Queen of Hearts, Chesire Cat, The Hatter
*Fifth row: Donald Duck, Tigger, Pluto, Dormouse, March Hare, White Rabbit, Minnie Mouse


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