Coney Island

Come one, come all to this amazing amusement park in New York. I have not been to an amusement park in the longest time. My boyfriend had told me about this amusement park that he had gone to when he first moved to New York. This time I was finally able to go there with him and check out the park.

After a good hour subway ride, we finally arrived to Coney Island. It’s located in southwestern region of Brooklyn, NY. When we arrived, I was so overwhelmed with the amount of different attractions they had to offer. There were a bunch of different restaurants, stores, rollercoasters and a seaside area.


The first thing we did was stroll around the seaside area. We walked around the beached area of Coney Island where a lot of people were out with their family having picnics or out swimming. There were a bunch of different roller coasters but unfortunately that day, my boyfriend and I were both not up for those rides.

It was extremely busy that weekend because it was Labour Day weekend. We noticed that there were a lot of families in attendance at this venue. One thing that caught my attention were these mangoes on sticks. It might sound funny, but they were quite intriguing and absolutely delicious when I had one. So being the person that I am, I was in search of finding them. The mangos were cut in a way that resembled a flower. To make it easier to eat, a stick was stuck into the mango seed before it was cut and given to customers. I found it extremely sweet and a bunch of different carts were selling them near the seaside.

Mango Flower

As we continued to walk, there was a pier that we decided to check out that faced the waters. I’m not quite sure where exactly it was facing, but the view was refreshing. The water was a bit murky, and it was terribly windy that day. On the bright side (literally), it was extremely sunny and warm. Sunglasses were a must.

After all of our cardiovascular exercise, we stopped by a hamburger stand. White Castle in big block blue letters was written at the top of the stand.


Never have I tried White Castle burgers before and I had heard from coworkers and friends that it was a must try. When I saw the stand, I made sure that I tried at least one before leaving the island. I ordered myself the original slider. It was literally a 2″ by 2″ steamed bun beef patty burger with pickles and onions.

This slider literally took two bites. Most people order a stack of these little sliders, but only after having one slider, I knew I was not going to be a returning customer. Novelty was the only motivation for getting this burger in the first place and now that it was gone, I would not go for a second. The beef patty was so thin and did not taste much like beef. It didn’t particularly satisfy my cravings, and I’m glad I only ordered one. I checked off White Castle off my list but I was not too impressed.

After our mini snack, our adventure on Coney Island continued. The amusement park part was the next thing on our itinerary. There were 3 big areas in which there were both roller coasters and carnival games. We went straight into playing carnival games in one of the areas called Luna Park.


We took a bit of time as well to checkout the different types of games that they had.

Fishing Carnival Game

We purchased one of the cards and loaded it with some credits. All of our money was spent on the different carnival games. My personal favourite was the water pistol ones since I was pretty good at keeping my hand steady.

One of the nicest attractions was the Wonder Wheel. It was the huge ferris wheel in Luna Park. There was an immense queue for this ride, so a photo will have to suffice.

Massive Ferris Wheel on Coney Island

Coney Island also houses the New York Aquarium. If it was any other weekend, besides Labour Day weekend, I would have gone to the aquarium.


After all the hullabaloo we walked down back towards the subway and spotted Nathan’s Seafood Clam Bar. You couldn’t miss that sign even if you were a mile away. It had a huge selection of items; there were seafood items all the way to hotdog items offered on the menu.


The decision made was on a smaller snack item. Calamari won the race.

The calamari was extremely fresh;  it seemed as if they had just popped it into the fryer and immediately given to us. We gobbled up every piece quickly after receiving our order and found ourselves walking into a huge candy store.

I’m not much for chocolate, but if you were to offer me candy, I would not turn it down. This store had a bunch of classic candy brands such as Nerds, Ring Pops, Mentos and a vast selection of other candies I have never tried or heard of before. There were also a lot of humorous items sold at the store.

We retired from Coney Island and hopped onto the subway back into the city.

After dinner, we took a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge during the late evening. It was still warm during that time and were able to walk across with the same outfit that we had during the day. How I wished the weather nowadays was the same as what it was that day.





Stroll on Brooklyn Bridge in the evening


We walked across the whole bridge and gazed across the open waters. There were quite a few others that took a stroll during the evening, but it was nonetheless enjoyable.

Overall it was a a great day out. It was nice to be able to balance both a day in with a day out. Coney Island is definitely a great place to visit if you’re looking for a place to spend a whole day at. There’s a beach for the ones that want to catch some rays. There are roller coasters for those thrill-seekers. There are also carnival games for individuals that want to try and win themselves a plushie. This place has something for everyone. Even if you’re looking for a place to walk around, this is a great place to be at.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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