New York, New York!

Food adventures with Miss Happy Penguin

I’ve been meaning to do some food adventure blogs, so it’s definitely nice to be able to sit down and start blogging. Plus, it puts my photo-taking to good use!

So anyway, during my reading week in February, I was fortunate enough to head down south to New York. I have graduated from my program already, so this is a bit of a late post. The weather was a little chilly then but not nearly as cold as it is in Canada during our winters. I ventured into a bunch of different restaurants on my week trip to NYC. One of the first restaurants I went to was called Nyona. It’s a fusion restaurant of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. I had been there once before, so it was nice to go there again. The first is a must-have: Roti Canai. The curry was not too spicy and the naan bread was to die for. It was crispy on the outside but the inside was soft. The curry went perfectly with the naan. Great appetizer to start before moving onto the mains.

39 40

My main dish was called Prawn Mee. It was a spicy seafood soup dish that had contained egg noodles, shredded pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and dried onions. It was a flavourful dish and I really enjoyed it.

The other dishes that were ordered were called Curry Mee with Shredded Chicken (Egg noodle soup dish with bean sprouts, chicken and coconut curry) and Beef Tripe Noodles (Spicy thin egg noodle soup dish with beef tripe). Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of those two dishes, but they were great recommendations from the servers and we were not left disappointed.

Another restaurant that is a must-go-to is Joe’s Shanghai. This is located in Chinatown. We went for an early lunch and ordered Shanghai soup dumplings (Siew Long Bao) and string beans with ground pork.

I absolutely adore this restaurant for their soup dumplings. I saw many reviews on Yelp praising these dumplings and I would praise them just as much. When served the soup dumplings, red vinegar with ginger was served as well in a little bowl. To eat these dumplings, you first take put the vinegar into a ceramic spoon and take the tongs to place the dumpling right on top of the vinegar. The dumpling soaks the vinegar and once it has cooled down, you may enjoy it. I do recommend eating the whole dumpling in one go as opposed to biting it in half. The soup in the dumplings is really hot and most likely will spew all over your face leaving you in a bit of a pickle. *Note: Be careful when picking up the dumplings with the tongs. Sometimes while picking them up, the tongs might puncture the dumpling skin which frees the soup inside.

          57 58

The very same day, we went out for a sweet snack. While walking around Chinatown, I noticed a cute little ice cream parlor called Spicebox. What caught my eye about this place was that on the windows they showed an assortment of colourful images. This place offers both savory and sweet crepes. Since we were wanted something sweet, we both ordered crepes with ice cream. These were served in little paper cones along with chocolate Pocky sticks. I ordered Tokyo in a Bite which consisted of green tea ice cream, red bean paste, fresh strawberries, cereal crumbs, whipped yogurt cream and house chocolate sauce. My significant other ordered a Piece of New York which consisted of blueberries, cheesecake, friut jam, whipped yogurt cream, and Nutella chocolate sauce that was also made in house.

241 242

In the evening we went out with my boyfriend’s coworker to a Mexican restaurant called Calexico. The atmosphere of this restaurant was very cute and quaint. It had more of a “hipster” vibe to it. They used a Corona beer box to hold all your essential Mexican sauces such as Cholula hot sauce.

We ordered the nachos to start; they consisted of the typical guacomole, fresh salsa, toasted corn, black beans, sour cream and pickled jalapeños. What stood out the most was the cheese sauce. I never had nachos with this sort of cheese sauce before. It was definitely a lot more saucier than I expected it to be, but not bad nonetheless.

            257 256

For mains, we all ordered different dishes. I ordered a Baja Fish Burrito Bowl, my boyfriend ordered a Carne Asada Burrito, and our friend ordered Gringo Rolled Quesdilla. Each of us were quite satisfied with our dishes. My burrito bowl was unfortunately a little too spicy for my tastes, but the fish was cooked perfectly and I enjoyed the different ingredients in the dish.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip to NYC. I needed a break from school and it was a great way to recharge my battery. I actually recently went back to New York once again, so definitely be on the look out for my next post. I will try my best to post earlier!

If you are interested in the restaurants that I visited, here are the links to the websites:


Joe’s Shanghai:



~Miss Happy Penguin



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