Seats for Others

I live in the city where I feel that most people are generally quite kind individuals. I walk down my street to the buses and if another person passes by, they are bound to say “Hello,” “Good morning,” or give me a simple smile.

The other day, I was on the bus heading back from downtown after meeting up with a friend. The bus was fairly crowded as it was around the time everyone was getting off work. There was a little elderly lady that got onto the bus and immediately a number of individuals stood up and headed to the back of the bus. Other passengers stood up and asked if she wanted to sit down. Even though the lady would shake her head kindly, the passengers would tell her persistently to sit down.


It just makes me so happy to see the amount of courtesy I see in my lovely little city. You don’t see it too often in other cities but you do see it from time to time. I just feel so grateful there are other kind individuals out in the world. Appreciate the little things in life.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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