Glisten by Tarte

Hello to the wintery season and to a new blush in my collection. I’ve been using this quite often lately since I feel it gives off a nice sheen on my cheeks. I don’t have much of a natural blush so it’s always nice to add some colour to my complexion!


This item is called Glisten from the Tarte series. It is an amazonian clay that lasts for 12 hours. I have to say this blush holds true for staying on my cheeks for a lengthy period of time.

To be honest, I actually haven’t tried much of this brand but I was happy to make this purchase. It was $34 (without taxes) from Sephora which I find is a decent price for a blush. I tend to buy one blush and use it daily, right down to the last grain. The packaging is quite simple in a clear compact plastic.


When you open the blush, the colour is exactly the same as the blush compact.


The colour is a this iridescent light [achy pink colour. Since my skintone is a little tanned, I shy away from matte colours and go for one with a bit of sheen. It reminds me a lot like Christmas as well since it has a bit of glitter but not too much that you’re blinded by it.

Overall this was a great purchase. I plan to revisit Sephora in the near future for other Tarte blushes. Now that I’ve given one colour a try, I would like to try out some other blushes from this line.


~Miss Happy Penguin



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