Up, Up and Away


Flying is definitely one of the most comforting things to me. I enjoy being over the clouds overlooking the people and cities underneath me. I was fortunate enough once again to fly to New York for an 8-day trip in September to visit my beau. My flight was in the early evening and while I was on the plane, the sun was setting. What a beautiful sight to uphold! Pictures can never do justice for what I saw.

I would have to say I travel quite often nowadays but, what keeps me grounded (no pun intended!) is having a book to read. On this trip, I read Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. It was great to pass the time with reading while waiting for my flight or while in-flight.

A little background of my relationship with books is that I started reading at a young age and at night, I would cover my head with my blankets and read by one of those little book lights or with a flashlight.


It’s probably one of the reasons that caused me to become near-sighted, but I enjoyed reading nonetheless. In my childhood, you would often find me in the library reading and I would borrow many books at a time; I would frequently go back for more books as well. My primary and secondary school classmates/friends enjoyed books as much as I did, so I was more inclined to read and venture out of my normal genre of books.

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During the school year, I was not able to read as much as I wanted to, so this past summer I made it my mission to read whenever I had time. It was nice to be able to get back into the groove of reading.

Other than having a book to read, I wore a comfy outfit with easy slip-on shoes. I’ve made the mistake of wearing shoes that required effort to put on and take off while going through security. It makes things easier for yourself and the individuals behind you waiting to get through.

The flight from Ottawa to Laguardia was a short one and I sat beside a lady that seemed terribly busy. Constantly on her phone and scribbling away at her agenda/notebook. People travel for so many reasons, so it was interesting to see the different types of individuals on my travels.


One of my favourite things about flying into a different city is overlooking the city itself. The city lights of New York City has always been so breath-taking, and every time I fly over, I have the same reaction – pure excitement. I could just imagine the amount of people walking around or travelling in their cars on these long highways.

Travelling is honestly one of my favourite things to do in life. If you ever have a chance to travel, I say go for it. Travel when you can and the experiences you get from it will never disappoint. Delays may happen, you might lose things, but on a positive note, it is what makes travelling memorable. There will always be good things that happen and it will always outweigh the bad.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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