Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

During my 8-day trip, I got to frequent a number of different places and restaurants. Whenever I go to another city, I like to research the best spots for food and for sightseeing. I also enjoy spontaneously going into places to see what I can find.

My official first day in New York, my boyfriend and I went to a local Chinese restaurant in Chinatown for dim sum. It was the first meal of the day so we decided to order a lot. Since we went in the late afternoon, I deemed this our brunch. We ordered various types of dishes such as:

Zhaliang (rice noodle wrapped around fried dough)
Mixed meats congee bowl with lots of green onions (because I absolutely adore green onions)
Fried dumplings
Har Gow (Shrimp dumplings)
Shrimp Cheung Fun (Shrimp Rice Roll)

Dim sum  at this restaurant was so cheap. It came up to be around $17 USD including tax. We got our money’s worth on this meal! What I found so amusing was that they steamed their dim sum in metal steamers instead of the typical wooden ones that I usually see in Canada. My boyfriend mentioned that it was a lot more sanitary and easier to clean if they used the metal steamers.

Since we were so full from brunch, we decided to stay indoors until our nightly adventure. First stop was the movie theatres to watch Mission Impossible 5. If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend it. I find it unbelievable that Tom Cruise is in his 50’s and still able to perform his own scenes whilst in good shape. You’ll understand once you watch the movie. The airplane scene apparently took only 8 takes to be completed. Simply jaw-dropping!


After the movies, we decided to have a stroll around the area. We passed by Madison Square Garden. It was lovely to just see the lights of New York. I understand completely as to why it is known to be the city of lights because it was bright enough to make me want to wear sunglasses during the night!


Second stop was a rooftop bar lounge called Monarch Rooftop Lounge. My boyfriend knew an acquaintance who was attending an event at this venue so we decided to check it out. The view was extraordinary.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I felt I was on top of the city at this rooftop lounge. One of my fears is heights but funny enough I was not scared overlooking the city (the metal barriers might have to do with it!) What this lounge was known for was the view of the Empire State Building. Unfortunately I was not able to take a very good nightlife shot of it but definitely a bar worth going to if you come into the city. We picked two seats near the side facing Herald Square. Herald Square is also a great place to visit if you want to get some serious shopping done. It has shops such as Victoria Secret, Macy’s, H&M to name a couple.


We had a few drinks at this venue and hopped on to another place called Circle Nightclub (literally in the heart of Times Square). It was a pretty crowded club which played house/EDM music. The crowd was mainly filled with Korean individuals but I kind of clued in after they played some Korean songs in the beginning of the night before the DJ showed up. The nightclub was very spacious and relatively enough space to bust some moves. We stayed closer to the front of the club so we could hear the music. I had an enjoyable night even though my ears were ringing after I left the venue. Subway back to the apartment was simple as well. Gotta love the MTA in New York!

Overall I had a great first day in the city of lights. Definitely will post some more posts about my adventures on the other days soon!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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