Fall Favourites

Fall is the season where we think about Halloween, changing of the leaves, pumpkin spice and all kinds of autumn-inspired items. Clearly I was a tad late in posting this but late is better than nothing!

Fall colours are my favourite

Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays because of the amount of the various foods served at the table. For my Thanksgiving dinner, my little sister and I were given the task of preparing it. We had a number of different items for this meal, and here is what we had:

Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, turkey, corn, carrots, celery/carrot stuffing , escargot and sauteed mushrooms.


My family typically does not have cranberry sauce or fruit cake. We find it a little on the sweeter side so we opt it for savoury side dishes such as escargot and sauteed mushrooms.

While food is one aspect of fall that puts a smile on my face, I enjoy the scenery that we get for when the leaves change colour.

I was fortunate enough to drive around this lovely neighbourhood during the fall season. All the yellows, reds and oranges were simply breath-taking. I wanted to rake up all the leaves, put them in a pile and jump in them. That was one of my favourite things to do as a child.

Some other key items that I look forward to every fall season are boots, toques and fuzzy socks.

All items above were purchased from Ardene. I walked into the store and immediately had my hands on these items. Warm clothing and accessories scream autumn. I already have a bunch of toques but not in these colours. I’ve been wearing these all season so far and I don’t plan to put them away until flowers are budding in spring.

Feet require comfiness; boots and fuzzy socks will do the trick! My old boots were getting so worn-out, so I knew it was about time to pick up some new ones for the season. I’m currently wearing the grey ones (they somewhat remind me of Roots) and my feet are ever so happy. I bought the brown ones since it was a “Buy One, Get One for Free” deal. The fuzzy socks came in a pack of two. I wear a pair of them along with my boots for added comfort.

Bath and Body Works

Other than Ardene, I love venturing into other retail stores such as Bath and Body Works. If you have not been to a store like this, it is a must! It has the best scented candles, hand soaps, lotions, body sprays, etc. It’s one of my favourite stores. If I go into these stores, I am never empty-handed walking out.

Ho0rah to this lovely season as it is nearing its end. I find it kind of surprising how warm it has been in my city and how it does not seem like it’s almost mid December. Let’s see if the snow holds out until Christmas Day! Here is to the fall season!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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