Above and Beyond

New York – Day 3 – Part 2

You guessed it, Randall’s Island was where we attended Electric Zoo. We went on Day 2 of the Electric Zoo concert to see a bunch of DJ’s, but the one we wanted to see the most was Above and Beyond. This was the first time I was ever at an outdoors EDM festival, so I was beyond ecstatic to be going. I also figured this deserved its own blog. Below was the Electric Zoo 2015 lineup:

Electric Zoo 2015 Lineup

On our way to Randall’s Island, we encountered some fellow ravers. We stick out like a sore thumb wearing an assortment of items such as bright neon coloured tank tops, outrageous costumes such as Pikachu, ninja, unicorn, etc., colourful tights, floral crowns, glitter tattoos, tutus, and whatnot. I opted and wore a crop top with shorts paired with a plaid shirt in case for any change in weather/temperature conditions.


When we arrived, we went in to get our bracelets which doubled as a card to get both food and drinks. The bracelets were an easy way of paying instead of carrying a wallet that could be easily lost.


The venue was massive. It had an assortment of tents, booths, vendors, and the creme de la creme – main stage – where all big DJ’s were playing. From a mile away, you could tell this was the most populated area in the whole entire venue. There were 5 areas in which DJ’s were playing; all were well spread across Randall’s Island. There was a bunch of water stations as well (definitely important to stay hydrated).


We went straight into one of the tents after entering the venue to listen to Kolsch. I had not listened to this DJ before but his set was very catchy; all I wanted to do was to move to the music and dance my heart out.


Surprisingly after 20 minutes dancing in the tent, a cameraman came by and started filming us. To this day, there has been no signs as to where the video might be posted. Fingers crossed that it may be found one day.

Electric Floral Elephant

We had gone into another tent that held an even larger stage than the first one. It was the MasterCard status tent – if you had a MasterCard, you were allowed into the elevated section of the tent. Upstairs near the railings, we listened to two DJ’s – Bro Safari and Headhunterz. The latter was definitely one of my favourite artists of the event.

When we finally got out of the MasterCard tent, we opted for some food before heading to the other two stages. Raving with all the jumping and dancing kills a bunch of calories. It was about time for us to intake some food and rave again. We sat just in a patch of grass not too far from the tent were at. Although we were quite far from the main stage, we could still enjoy the music blaring from that area.

It was slowly getting dark and there was a bunch of different animal figurines that were lit up in the middle of the grassy areas. There were people who would wave these figurines around while others would take photos with them or be dancing around.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The next stage that we went to was the second largest and most crowded stage. This stage reminded me a lot like a serpent with zebra print. The two artists that were playing while I was there was Ferry Corsten and Markuz Schultz. Both were amazing artists. The music was incredible and the lightshow at this stage was breathtaking. By far this stage was my absolute favourite. The amount of different ways the stage lit up was unbelievable.

We left a bit earlier during Markus Schultz before heading out to the main stage. A water break was well needed before heading out to the main stage. This stage was humongous. It was of an owl but it was only lit up for the headliners. Adventure Club’s lineup was before the main act, and I could feel myself vibing and getting ready for Above and Beyond.


We met a few other fellow ravers in our area of the main stage. We made sure that we were just close enough that we could see the DJ’s but were not too far into the crowd so we had some space to dance. I was fortunate to be able to ride on my boyfriend’s shoulder for the introduction of A&B. There were so many people there.

I felt like I was in the trance during A&B’s set. The light show was beyond amazing. It felt so wonderful to be around so many people that loved the same type of music. It was also just being able to be in the moment.


This was an unbelievable experience. It was my first outdoors EDM concert and I was ready to go for more after we left the venue. All the people there have the same mindset of just going out and raving. The music was still ringing in my ears the following day but I loved every last bit of it. The weather was incredible and it was just an overall amazing experience. I was terribly exhausted the day after but it was well worth it.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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