Easy Does It

When the going gets tough, the tough need their rest days. After going to Electric Zoo, my boyfriend and I were in dire need of a rest day.  My battery level was terribly low and it really needed some time to charge back up.

We slept until it was bright and decided to try out a new place near his apartment. My boyfriend lives insanely close to Chinatown so we went for a walk and found a little cafe called Formosa Cafe.


It was a cute and quaint little cafe that offered both beverages and food. They had a selection of featured Asian fusion snacks. We ordered a bunch of items that satisfied our snack cravings:

Chinese Sausage, Teriyaki Beef Rice Ball, Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken and Calamari

Every item that we ordered was very tasty. My favourite item was the taiwanese popcorn chicken. It came with a light spicy mayonnaise dip that paired nicely with the savouriness of the dish. After our little snack meal, we walked around Chinatown and did a bit of grocery shopping. One of my favourite type of shopping is grocery shopping. It was one of my favourite things to do whenever I was out with my mom. I spent a lot of time travelling with her to different grocery stores and learning the different types of ingredients used for her dishes. I would say I am pretty decent at cooking and being away for school tested a lot of my knowledge.

While walking around the market, I spotted an interesting vegetable right next to the eggplant. I have only ever seen purple eggplants but never a white eggplant. It was a lot smaller than the ones that I used to seeing. I talked with one of the grocery sellers and they said that it was a bit sweeter than the regular purple eggplant but can be cooked just the same.


During the evening stayed in and setted up a movie with a homecooked meal. Steak and grilled vegetables were made and completely devoured.

It’s always great to kick back and relax. I felt well-rested afterwards. Everyone needs a day to recharge and get back to the swing of things. Hope all has been well with all and make sure you take time for yourself to fill up your battery pack!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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