Review: It’s Skin Dear My Muse Water Primer

Prime this, prime that. Another new review for the new year. Lately I’ve been really enjoying my It’s Skin BB Cream and I purchased another item from their line. This product goes hand in hand with my BB cream and it gives my skin a sort of radiance that I didn’t have before putting on a face primer.


This product comes in an attractive purple almost opaque coloured 30 mL bottle at a cost of $25. As you know, I have been using a few of It’s Skin products (Korean-brand) and so far I have nothing but good things to say about it.


The pump makes it very easy to use the product. The contents of the primer are both light and unscented. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous review, I am not fond of products that have strong scents. I’m sure a lot of you have the same battle when buying new products.


This face product is a water-based primer meaning it won’t leave an oily finish. This primer tends to leave more of a matte finish with no streaks or residue. I love that it leaves a matte finish; I feel as if I’m left with a blank canvas ready for my makeup.

When using the product, pump a generous amount onto your fingertips and apply straight to the face. This product has full coverage and does a great job of smoothing over pores.

Overall impression: It is a great face primer. The matte finish instead of the oily finish is a +1 in my books. It’s a great base for foundation or BB cream. The product is very hydrating and never leaves my skin dry. Its content are neither too thick or too thin. Thumbs up for this product! I will definitely rebuy this product once I’ve gone through this bottle.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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