Skinfood Haul Care Package from Korea

Sharing is caring. I love receiving packages in the mail. I’m a little old school and I really enjoy sending letter and/or packages to people. I recently received one during the holidays from a friend who is currently teaching in Korea. The care package she sent had items from a brand that I’ve been dying to try called Skinfood.

Skinfood Care Package

Skinfood had been one of the brands on my list to-try for a while. A bunch of beauty gurus that I follow had recommended that the masks from this brand are worth trying. This package contained three different types of products.

Items included:

Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff
Skinfood Foot Mask and Hand Mask – Shea Butter
Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha – #ABR05 Roasted Rice Flour, #APK09 Sandwich Ham, #ABR03 Mellow Brownies

Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff

The first item is the Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff; it came in a cute little packaged container. The labelling was both simple and sweet. When you twist off the top, you find the contents of a molasses type consistency. It actually reminds me of molasses as well because of the dark hue of the black sugar honey. Just like the name of the product, it has the scent of bees wax. This was a scent that I’m not too fond of, but as I continued to use this product, the scent did not bother me as much. I’ve heard how good sugar is for the skin and I often use it in my lip scrub concoctions. I was happy to hear that the sugar in this product was very helpful for my skin.

Molasses consistency

This mask can be compared to my clay mask by Innisfree. The black sugar honey mask was a lot more hydrating and I felt that my skin did not feel dried up after one use. My skin feels a lot more softer after the mask treatment and I had a clean tingly feeling afterwards. I prefer using the clay mask and the black sugar honey mask as a combination; the clay mask cleanses the pores while the black sugar mask hydrates the skin. The two products used together makes a great duo.

The directions for this mask recommends the user to massage the product into the skin so that the product can soak into your skin. You can be generous with this product and a few large globs can cover the whole face. **Note: Make sure to shake the container to mix all the ingredients before each use since it tends to separate into different densities.

Skinfood Foot and Hand Masks

The next items in the package are the foot and hand masks. I’ve done a manicure and a pedicure before, but never have I done a foot and hand care mask at home. I tried out the foot mask one and opened to find these two plastic slippers.

Skinfood Foot Mask

They reminded me a lot like little Christmas stockings that are way oversized to fit more stocking stuffers. It is completely dry on the outside but when you open them, you place each foot into the slippers and they meet a wet gooey consistency.

Wearing the Skinfood Foot Mask

It felt so weird to have these slippers on. You could walk around with these slippers on and continue with your activities at home, but I chose to just sit down with my feet propped up. As you are wearing the slippers, the shea butter concoction soaks into your feet. If you ever had wet socks while wearing a pair of shoes or boots, that’s essentially how these slippers felt like. After wearing the foot mask for the recommended amount of time, I let my feet air dry and felt that my feet were a lot softer than what they were before the mask. I also really loved the scent of the shea butter.

Skinfood Hand Mask

The same day, I tried out the hand mask. Just like the foot mask, they seemed like oversized gloves. They reminded me a lot like the gloves that Mickey and Minnie Mouse wear in their costume. It had the same scent as the foot mask and when you place each hand into the gloves, you could do as you please. I have to say it was very difficult to type while wearing these gloves so I decided to watch an episode of That 70’s show while I was wearing the hand mask.

Wearing the Skindfood Hand Mask

After wearing the hand mask, my hands felt a tremendously softer. It was nice to just pamper my hands and feet since the harsh winter cold has chapped them both severely.

Left to right: #APK09 Sandwich Ham, #ABR05 Roasted Rice Flour, #ABR03 Mellow Brownies

The final product was the nailpolishes that my friend sent. She sent me 3 different shades. Each of the varnishes had its own unique name. The first one was called #APK09 Sandwich Ham.

#APK09 Sandwich Ham

This colour looks very close to the pink Spam Ham that you get in a can. A lot of the times I cut mine into small little cubes and put them into my fried rice dishes. It’s more of a light pink salmon colour and the colour holds true to the bottle as it is on the nail.

#ABR05 Roasted Rice FLour

The next varnish is #ABR05 Roasted Rice Flour. I painted two coats to receive this colour. It turned out slightly green instead of the expected grey. The colour is not as nice as I would have liked it to be. It reminds me a lot of murky grey water that you get after washing cloths. The consistency of the nailpolishes were really good and they glided on easily. It was also quite quick to dry, but the colour was what was a downer.

#ABR03 Mellow Brownies

The last varnish from my Skinfood Haul was #ABR03 Mellow Brownies. I have to say I enjoy the name of this varnish the most, even though the colour came out to be more burnt orange than brown. Just like the other two varnishes, it took me two coats to obtain the above colour.

Out of the three varnishes, I like Sandwich Ham the most. The other colours seem too washed out or are too close to my original skin tone. I like the consistency of this brand for their varnishes, but I would like to try out other colours that would compliment my skin tone.

My first impression of Skinfood has been a very satisfying one. I really enjoyed using the mask washoff and the hand/foot masks. Those products were a definite “yes” in my books and I would like to try more skincare items. As for varnishes, I’m not too inclined to go out of my way to buy them as I have tried other brands that were much better in consistency and colour. Overall a really good first impression on Skinfood products. If you get a chance to try any more items from their line, please feel free to comment below with your favourite products!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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