Round French sweet little meringue confections. Sounds lovely, does it not? This describes one of the most popular desserts in the decade. Every girl seems to go crazy over these little cakes. I would not particularly describe them cakes, but more of a small simple dessert.

While on my travels, I made sure to visit one of the most famous bakeries that made macarons. Multiple times have I tried macarons, but each time I’m left with the impression that they are much too sweet or too dry. Although I’ve had bad experiences with macarons, I told myself that I would give Ladurée a try.


Walking the streets of New York, I came across the SoHo Ladurée location and was greeted by the famous Ladurée green doors. I went straight into the pastry shop to find an assortment of macarons and desserts sold at the counter.

There were so many macarons that my eyes were blinded by all the colour. They had a little booklet that described the different flavours sold at this location. I bought myself half a dozen and another for a friend to bring back home.

Vanilla, Pistachio, Earl Grey, Raspberry, Rose and Coconut

After deciding on the macarons, I decided to take a seat at one of the tables and enjoy my stay at the pastry shop a little more. I chose a spot closer to the macaron counter. There were so many customers going in and out of the shop buying macarons for themselves or for others. I guess I was not the only tourist that day.


White counters and white lights were the only things to display the macarons and the desserts. The look of the confectionary shop was a honestly a huge display of these items. It did not require much to display the confections and that was all it really needed.


The menu was a beautiful pastel purple with the logo written at the front. I ended up ordering the famous Marie Antoinette tea with a couple of macarons.

Iced Mint, Lemon and Orange Blossom Macarons

Everything from the plates and cup to the napkins screamed out Ladurée. The tea itself was very fragrant, before and after tasting. The server described the black tea was made with rose petals, citrus and honey. I added a little bit of milk to taste as I munched on my macarons. I did not want to order too much since I was meeting my boyfriend afterwards for dinner.

After trying the Ladurée macarons, it was safe to say that these were the best that I have ever had. The macaron was not too sweet, and the interior cream was soft and moist. I don’t particularly enjoy sweets but I was quite content with my choice to visit the pastry shop. If you ever get a chance to visit one of these locations, definitely give it a try!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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