Exploring High and Low


Day 7 of New York blog posts. I’m nearly done with these blogs and I cordially apologize that I’ve been lacking in these posts as I have been terribly busy.

As per usual, I started my day off with a hearty breakfast of french toast and a glass of orange juice. Unfortunately I did not have access to maple syrup (being the Canadian that I am), I used honey instead. My boyfriend had to go into work today, so I used that day to check off a couple of things on my bucket list.


I watched a few youtube beauty videos while getting ready with the help of Apple TV. It’s so useful to just be able to put everything on the big screen. I ended up just wearing a simple shirt dress with some baby blue converse and my black fringe purse from Forever 21 for the day. I did not want to carry many things as I planned on walking a lot.

My first stop was into Sephora where I picked up an assortment of items. The Sephora specialist that was helping me was super friendly and very helpful. I only had the intention of finding a new lip colour for the fall, but I ended up (obviously) buying more than I wanted.

Sephora Haul Items

Above are the items that I picked from from Sephora. I plan to review these items later on next month, so stay tuned for those!

After literally spending an hour in Sephora, I ventured out into the streets of New York and found a Juicy Couture Ice Cream Truck.

Juicy Couture was giving out samples of their new fragrance – I Am Juicy Couture – and ice cream.

I continued walking with my scoop of ice cream in hand to my next destination – Ladurée.


I wrote in a previous post about la Maison Ladurée, if you wish to read more about it, follow this link.

After my little break at the pastry shop, I ventured back to the apartment to grab a quick lunch and to drop off the macarons so they wouldn’t go bad. I bought a sandwich called a Cheeky Chicken Sandwich from Cheeky Sandwiches from the restaurant below the apartment.

This restaurant was extremely small with only a few tables for the customers. Most of the customers bought their sandwiches to go, just like myself.

Cheeky Chicken Sandwich

The Cheeky Chicken Sandwich that I ordered did not resemble a typical sandwich made with bread. It was made with a biscuit instead. The Cheeky Chicken burger contained fried chicken, coleslaw and mayonnaise. It was a decent sandwich but a little pricey at $6.50 USD. For a quick meal item, I would have to say it did its job.

After my lunch break, I was back out again but this time I found myself at the American Museum of Natural History. Since the museum had so many exhibits, I decided to take two days to walk the whole museum.

The American Museum of Natural History

Day 1 at the museum consisted of visiting the following exhibits: Dinosaurs, Primitive Mammals, Pacific People, Reptiles and Amphibians, African Mammals, and the Hall of Meteorites, Gems and Minerals.


How the museum was designed was that you start from the top most floor (4th floor) and you make your way downwards. The fourth floor consisted of a few exhibits from the prehistoric – aka the dinosaurs.

Heading downwards to the next floor, I saw primitive mammals. As I continued to walk the exhibits, I reached the pacific people, reptiles and amphibians. I managed to cover all of the third and fourth floor, and only walked half of the second floor.

My favourite exhibit was the hall of gems. A girl’s best friend is a diamond, right?

Since I was young, I read National Geographic for kids. My uncle subscribed to these magazines that National Geographic published for children. Every time I got them in the mail, they would be read by the end of the day. Most of my interest lied in gems and minerals. I’ve always enjoyed learning about the different ways that they were formed and where they were found around the world.

I stayed at the museum for nearly two hours and my feet were so tired afterwards. I wanted to walk more of the museum, but I was being ushered out of there since there were closing.

Totto Ramen

In the evening, I met up with my boyfriend at his office and we went to one of our favourite ramen restaurants – Totto Ramen. We went here a couple times before but we tried another location.

Sitting at the bar seats

We got stools at the bar so we could see all of the hustle bustle. It was really good to see how quickly the chefs made the ramen bowls and the different appetizers offered at this restaurant.

My boyfriend ordered Mega Paitan which essentially extra char siu pork and extra noodles. I ordered Miso Paitan – ground pork, half boiled egg, scallions, char sui and bean sprouts. My favourite part about ramen is the half boiled egg. I occasionally order another one because the way they make the egg is something I can’t seem to do at home.

This ramen restaurant is probably one of my most favourite ramen places in New York. They make their own broth and I find their ramen bowls is large enough to fill up the average customer (if not more). I have a big appetite so it’s good to know that I’m paying for a good amount of food. The price was not too bad as well (Mega Paitan – $16 USD and Miso Paitan – $12 USD).

We left the restaurant feeling absolutely stuffed and headed back to the apartment. It was a great day and I was happy to say it was a productive one!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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