Korean Snacks

Hello my lovelies!

Today is a different sort of post. A friend of mine from Korea sent me a little package today with two different korean snacks that I’ve never tried before. She sent me this little care package during the holidays. One was a marshmallow one and one resembled KitKat.

This first snack was a brightly coloured package filled with a bunch of smaller candy packets.


At first I thought they might have been marshmallows without the wrappers, but this was a good idea since you could limit yourself to having one at a time.

When I opened one of the packets, I found a little squishy marshmallow. This marshmallow candy is said to be made with milk, so it has a creamier sort of taste. My overall impression on the candy – not too impressed. I actually expected it to taste a little more soft like the ones that you use for making s’mores, but it when I bit into the marshmallow, it tasted stale. This little candy marshmallow seemed like a hard version of a stale marshmallow and it actually stuck to my teeth while chewing. I did not end up finishing the marshmallow candies.

The second Korean snack was one that reminded me a lot like KitKat. Now KitKat has a bunch of different flavours, including strawberry, like the one I’m going to try, I was looking forward to trying it.

The packaging of this chocolate bar is super attractive. I knew straight away what flavour the chocolate would be. It said that it was a crunch chocolate bar, so I expected it to be a lot like the Nestle Crunch Chocolate Bar.

Foil wrapping

When I opened the chocolate bar, it was neatly wrapped in tin foil. Simply wrapped to find a beautiful strawberry flavoured chocolate bar.


It was a beautiful pink colour with little red speckles. The chocolate bar looked absolutely appetizing. Honestly I loved the taste of this chocolate bar and immediately ate half of it in one sitting. It had the same crunch as it does in the Nestle Crunch Chocolate Bar but it was strawberry flavoured. I definitely recommend this chocolate bar to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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