Review: Elizabeth Arden – Sunblush

Rosey cheeks. Pink tints. This lovely new blush has been part of my new makeup routine the past few weeks.

My first few thoughts when I saw the packaging was that it was very chic. It’s got both gold and silver with the Elizabeth Arden red symbol. This is my first ever product from Elizabeth Arden but I knew that it was a good brand since my mom used to use a lot of their products back when she was younger. If this brand was good back then, I could only imagine how much better it has gotten the past few years.

The blush compact mimics the packaging. It has the same simple design in gold and silver along with the red Elizabeth Arden symbol. What I love about this compact is that the cover acts as a mirror.


I bought my blush compact from Shoppers for around $30. When I went into the store, my mission was to find a perfect blush to be worn for the fall/wintery season. The makeup specialist that day helped me pick this colour. It was more of a warm-toned matte pink with a bit of sheen. I adore blushes that have a bit of glimmer in it, but I didn’t want one that was a little too much because of the cold season. I definitely wanted to leave more of my glittery sort of blushes for the spring and summer season.

This blush came with a flat square blush for application. I found that this blush would come in handy whenever I was travelling and did not want to carry my whole set of brushes. The colour was just divine when I opened up the compact. The compact was all in gold with a mirror, so it was just as chic as the front.

Sunblush Swatch

Above is the swatch on my arm. It’s a little more pigmented because I put a little bit more than the regular amount so you can see the rosey pink tint. It’s matte with a bit of sheen (you can’t quite tell via the photo) but it’s a great colour on the apples of your cheeks.

This blush has been simply wonderful. I’ve been using it almost every single day and I find it gives more of a natural pink look. Where I live, it’s quite cold, so this blush mimics the rosey cheeks people have after being in the cold for a period of time. I love that you can also build with this blush so it can be a little more pigmented or lighter. I plan on trying more Elizabeth Arden products for sure in the near future. This was a great purchase and definitely will be in my daily makeup routine for the next few cold months!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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