Review: Cliniderm Soothing Cream

Silk and smooth skin. Blemish free. That’s what we all want right?


I received this sample from a Shoppers associate during one of my hauls from Shoppers Drugmart. She asked if I had a go-to moisturizer and I replied “Vichy.” The sales associate said that this brand had a similar formula to Vichy and that I should give this a try. Cliniderm, a brand that I’ve heard of, is one that I have never tried before. I knew that it was a skincare brand, but I had not had the urge to try it.


This little sample was only 8 mL and the bottle was super cute and small. I love that it stated on the packaging and bottle that it was both paraben and fragrance free. I’m not fond of products that have a strong scent unless it was supposed to have one.

I tried a pea-size amount of the cream and I was unhappy to find that there was indeed a strong scent to it. It actually smelt a lot like it was going bad. The scent was of strong and smelt a lot like curdled milk. After just applying the small amount to my skin, I was already turned off from the scent.

Overall this was not a great product. The packaging was self-explanatory, but the product itself was not wonderful in the least bit. It was thick and had a terrible scent. Not sure if their other products had the same scent, but I don’t plan on trying any of their products in the future.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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