Review: Oliv Hand Cream

I can’t stress how grateful I am to receive care packages from friends. This item was no different and something that I really enjoyed for the cold wintery days.


Oliv is a Swedish brand that is sold in Swedish department stores. It is the perfect size to bring with you in your handbag or in your backpack.

This winter has been terribly harsh, so a good hand cream was well-needed for this season.

The cream bottle was a simple squeeze bottle for easy application. Olive oil was the scent of this hand cream and it was very light. I don’t particularly like strong-scented creams or lotions, so this was great in itself.

A reasonable amount of hand cream is enough to moisturize both hands. The product is very light and it soaks right into your skin the minute you put it on your hand.

Overall it is a great product and I’m so happy to have received this gift from my friend. I recommend trying this product if you ever get your hands on it or if you are looking for a good product when you’re in Sweden.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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