Dollar Rule

Ever have trouble deciding whether or not you should buy an item? Do you regret buying something that you’ve only worn once or twice? I have the solution to your problems!


I’ve always followed The Dollar Rule. An acquaintance of mine explained this to me and it has turned my life around in terms of my buying habits.

I’ve always had difficulties in justifying buying an item and this was a great way of deciding whether or not an item was worth the price that you pay. If you buy an item, you have to ask yourself if you would get a certain number of uses out of it. For example: A jacket is worth $250. Would you get 250 uses out of this jacket? If it was a winter jacket, I think you could easily get 250 uses (assuming that you live in the cold country like myself).

Now whenever I hold an item in my hand – may it be a shirt or a beauty product – I ask myself, “Is it worth the cost?” I go into stores now asking this question, and it has helped me immensely. I used to go into a store and buy whatever items were to my liking. I did not have a price range and I thought it was a very unhealthy buying habit. By following The Dollar Rule, it can cut costs and you won’t have to feel bad for any items that might be collecting dust in your closet.

This rule is also very applicable to beauty products. I find myself spending more money on high quality brands because of this. I do not mind spending $30-$40 on a blush compact because I know that I will be using it 30-40 times. Blushes tend to last for longer periods of time (at least two to three seasons) and by investing in a higher quality brand, you know you are not harming your skin. I hope this little piece of advice has helped you! Take care in the meantime!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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