Review: Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint – Tempted

Deep purple tinted. Smooth and creamy. Luscious and perfect for the wintery season. I’ve purchased a few items lately specifically for the cold season, and this item was no different.


I popped into a Sephora store and told the sales associate that I was in the market for a new lip colour for the season. I was recommended by a Sephora associate that this colour would be perfect for what I was looking for. Tarte has been known for their pigmented lip tints, and I was willing to give it a try.

The packaging was simple with easy print and a few images. It was a purple colour which mimics the colour that I had in mind for the cold season.

The lip tint was called Tempted by Tarte. The lip tint stick reminded me a lot like a chubby stick that you use for eyeliners. The colour of the stick was the most beautiful colour ever. It was nearly the same colour as the colour of the lip tint.

The colour is a deep purple/red colour. It glided on smoothly on my hand and on my lips when I did swatches. Below is what they look like on my lips. Mind you, the colour might be darker on you than it is on me. My original lip colour is darker tint than the norm.

The product was both creamy and smooth. My lips were loving every bit of this lip tint. I did not have to apply lip balm underneath because the product was great on its own. This is the darkest lip colour that I own, and this made me really want to try some more darker colours. This lip tint gave a sultry sort of look and looks great with a dark smoky or just simply eyeliner and mascara.

The price of this product was $29 CAD without tax. I would say this was a decent price for this lip tint as it is more of a high-end brand. My other lipsticks were purchased at my local Shoppers Drugmart and those vary around the prices of $8-$15. If this product was not as good as it was, I would not have paid this much for this product.

Overall this was a great product. I’ve been very impressed with Tarte products lately and I’m more inclined to try more of them. If you’re in the market for a new lip colour, Tarte has a variety of them that are worth checking out!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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