Review: Sephora Eye Masks

Sephora has a bunch of products and I did not think they would have their own eye mask line. I’ve tried many eye masks mainly from Asian brands, so this was a good chance to see if American products have caught up to the Asian brands.

Sephora Eye Masks

I bought three types of eye masks – lotus, green tea and rose.

I decided to buy a couple of them just to make sure I was getting a good impression of the product.


When you open the eye mask package, you find these two little comma-shaped masks that are divided with a little film. You place them right underneath your eye with the hooked end at the outer edges of your eye.

The directions at the back of the mask instructs the customer to place these underneath your eye for 10-15 minutes. After placing the mask on, I immediately felt a cooling sensation. It was difficult to blink with the masks on since it would move every time you blinked. I closed my eyes for a good amount of the time until I was done with the mask.

The masks costed $15 for 3 of them which is decently priced, but I’m used to paying for masks where they were about $2-4 each (for the Asian brands). Face masks are around the same price for both American and Asian products. Unfortunately I would not pay for this eye mask again because after using the product, there was a weird after-scent. While using the product I would smell the scent of the mask (green tea was the most appealing scent) but then it would leave this sour scent afterwards. I tried all three products and all three of them left the weird smell. I did not enjoy the smell of the after-scent and would immediately wash my face with a face cleanser. I’m sure the benefits of the eye masks had already sunken into my skin beforehand, but it did not make me feel inclined to buy this product again.

I have not tried too many of Sephora’s makeup or skincare collection, but this was not a good first impression of the line. I would definitely give Sephora another try, but all the other products that Sephora sells are definitely more of what I am interested in.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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