Review: It’s Skin It’s Top Mascara

Mascaras have always been one of the most difficult products for me to find. I have been gifted with short and sparse eyelashes, so finding a product that elongate and thicken my lashes is a feat in itself.

It’s Skin It’s Top Mascara

It’s Skin has been commonly known for its face and skin care products, and this is the first time that I’ve tried one of their makeup products. The packaging of the mascara was very appealing with its black and light-blue coloured box with white font.

I found that the packaging was very sleek. At first glance, I knew exactly what the product was and would feel very inclined to give this product a try. This product was sent to me from a friend of mine in Asia, so I don’t know what this would cost in CAD, but online it states that this product is around $25.30 USD.

The mascara tube was simple and sleek just like the packaging. It was monochromatic with the black tube and white font. It was very interesting as there was a little hole at the top; it seemed as if you can put a key ring to hang on your car keys.

The mascara wand was a simply made; the wand was the typical curved wand – one that any customer would know how to use. The bristles were super soft from the looks of it and the mascara product was evenly distributed over the bristles.


I absolutely love using this mascara. I have been using this nearly every single day since I’ve opened up the product. It has made my eyelashes a lot longer and they coat my lashes just the right amount. A lot of mascaras tend to clump the more it is coated on the lashes, but this mascara did not. Along with not clumping, this mascara did not weigh down my lashes as they normally would. I have very short eyelashes and with even a little bit of product they tend to flop downwards, even after curling them.

Overall this product has been the mascara that I’ve been grabbing for my daily makeup routine. Some days the only things I would do would just fill in my brows and coat my eyelashes to start my day. If you’re looking into trying some of their makeup products, I definitely give the green light. I did not expect a brand that specializes with skin care would make decent makeup products. I hope to try more of their line in the near future. Thanks for reading!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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