Review: The Hearth

Why hello there! Miss Happy Penguin is back with another review, but this time it’s a restaurant review! During my week off (March Break since I work with kids), I had the opportunity to travel to NYC to visit my boyfriend. While on my travels, I had a layover at Toronto Pearson Airport where a former university schoolmate met up with me for a hearty lunch before going on my next flight to the Big Apple.

We saw a bunch of different restaurants, but this one was one that caught my eye the most. It had a cozy atmosphere and there was a relative amount of people there so I knew that we were able to get a spot and I knew the food was going to be good.

We sat down at a table nearer to the entrance; we could see many a people rushing to and fro to their connecting flights. The menu was straight forward and it did not take us long to decide what we wanted to have.

For starters we got the Butcher’s board which consisted of three meats (proscuitto, salami and soppresata), artisanal cheese, pate, pickled vegetables and pickles, variations of jams and mustard. My friend got one of the Hearth flatbread made with tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella, while I ordered the fish tacos. First off, the Butcher’s board was to die for. The bread that came with the board was exquisite – a hint of garlic that was not too overpowering. I enjoyed the different meats with the cheese on the breads, and you could enjoy these items without the bread as well. When I read on the menu that the pickles were made in-house, I was already quite impressed. The mustard that was included in the board was also very delicious. I most definitely put a lot of the mustard on each bite.

Butcher’s Board

We were quite content with our mains. My classmate really enjoyed his flat bread and he said that it was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of his main.) The fish tacos that I had were lightly breaded and had a little crunch to it. The sauce that drizzled the fish tacos were wonderful with the freshly cut vegetables. I find a lot of the times, tacos are made too salty because of the sauce or they get soggy too quickly. These tacos were made very well and we both enjoyed our meals.

Fish Tacos with a side of fries

Our server seemed a little tired but nonetheless perky. She said she had been working since 5:30am when the restaurant opened and when we were there, it had already been nearly 7 hours. I could only imagine her being extremely exhausted while serving us. We received our bills in a timely matter; although the meal itself was on the expensive side (granted we were at the airport), I enjoyed the experience all together. I was on time for my next flight and so happy to have been able to see my friend despite the short period of time we had.

This restaurant is definitely a good restaurant to visit if you have a long period of time on our layover or to wait at this airport. If you ever get a chance to go to it, I highly recommend it!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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