Review: The Face Shop Real Gloss Vivid

I’ve been really loving lip products the past few months, and I feel like my friends have caught on to this fact. I’m happy to be writing another review about lip products, since I feel I don’t write too many of them for my beauty reviews.

These two lovely glosses by The Face Shop have been gifted to me by one of my best friends who currently resides in Korea. The first impressions that I got about these glosses were that the box packaging were really simple and the description of the items were clearly stated on the front. They even had a little cartoon lipstick drawing so you wouldn’t be confused as to what sort of product it was.


The two glosses that I received were OR01 Hug Coral and PP01 Merlot Purple. My friend said that the coral would be a great colour to use for the spring and the darker merlot colour would be great for the fall/winter season.

The packaging of these glosses were the exact same colour as the glosses itself. I found that they were simply designed and they attractively displayed the contents of the product.


These glosses looked like ordinary glosses when you pull them out of the packaging, but I found that these were much more interesting when I realized why there was a little “button” on the top.


I looked at the top of the glosses and both had these “buttons” on top. I pulled out the wand to see that the brush was missing, but once you clicked the button at the top, the little brush pops out.

This design for a gloss was one that I have never seen before, and it was actually quite amusing to use. Once you’re done using the product and place the wand back into the vile, the brush returns back into the wand.

Coral and Merlot Purple Swatches

My first impressions on these glosses were it seemed that they were both very pigmented. I found that this product was more of a lip tint as opposed to a gloss. This product wasn’t very shiny or glossy when applied.

The coral tint required at least two applications for the colour to show. My lips are a bit darker so it might only take one application for others. As for the merlot purple, I found that one application was enough. I would often brush some of the colour onto my lips and use my ring finger to smooth out the colour so it wasn’t as dark. If you wanted it to be a darker shade, the application straight from the brush works finely.

As the day goes on, both lip tints did not last very long, especially the coral colour. The coral colour came off very easily after a few bites of a meal. The merlot was a little more long-lasting, but it still required a full application after eating. Both glosses required reapplication throughout the day and even though it was a moisturizing formula, its inability to last long was a huge turn-off for me.

This was one of my first lip products from the Face Shop and I hope that other lip products last a lot longer. I have tried their cushion blushes before and that was a thumbs up in my books. I hope in the future to try more of their beauty products, but so far their skin care items are one of my favourites. If you have a Face Shop close to you, definitely check it out and see what your store has to offer!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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