Review: Tony Moly My Sunny Perfecting Sunblock

Hot summer days are approaching us fast and one item that I always have in my daily routine is sunscreen.


This bottle of sunscreen is from Tony Moly. I have used a bunch of Tony Moly products once before but never their sunscreen. The face sunscreen that I normally use is from Vichy. Unfortunately since the change in their design, their product smelt too strong of sunscreen, so I decided to give this one a try.

Tony Moly My Sunny Perfecting Sun Block SPF 50+ PA+++

The bottle was sold exactly as it looks above at a cost of $20. It is a 100mL bottle that has been lasting me for quite some time. I only use a pea-sized amount to cover my face. I use it as a facial sunscreen but it can be used as a whole-body sunscreen as well. Sunscreen before makeup is one of the steps I take in my daily routine.

Back view

This sunscreen does not have a sticky formula and it does not have that sunscreen scent. With its light weight formula, I don’t feel the sunscreen whatsoever; it is unlike other sunscreens where it seems as if it is caked on your face. My pores do not feel clogged in any way and I find it mixes well with my foundation.

Squeeze bottle

This product is a squeeze bottle and squirts easily from the bottle. The product is a white colour with a smooth consistency – not too watery or too solid – and goes onto the skin with ease.

Overall I really enjoy this product in every aspect. It is not too costly and it does not take much product to cover my face. Its consistency is the exact consistency that I look for in a facial sunscreen and it has no sunscreen scent. If you are in the market for a new sunscreen, I highly recommend this product.

~Miss Happy Penguin



3 thoughts on “Review: Tony Moly My Sunny Perfecting Sunblock

    1. Hello! Sorry or the latest reply ever! Yes, this sunblock have titanium dioxide in it. It doesn’t leave any greyish hue whatsoever on the skin. I’m quite dark so I totally understand! It leaves no residue whatsoever and blends wonderfully with your moisturizer. I bought it at the Tony Moly Store in New York, but if you’re Canadian like I am, there’s a store in Pacific Mall in Toronto, Ontario where you can purchase the product. Also both Amazon and Yesstyle sells this product. There’s none of the regular sunblock scent, so it’s actually really amazing!


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