Review: Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops

Sephora. I swear Sephora always takes my money away but I know that most of their products (despite the price) are worth the cost.


Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops are one of Sephora’s newer products that has sparked up the trend of correcting skin by mixing it with your regular products. This Sephora representative that I spoke to said that this product was great to mix with your regular liquid foundation or with your BB cream. It works as a product to improve your skin tone and to correct it to be one colour. Often if you have discolouration in your skin tone, this works well to slowly improve it without it going through a harsh procedure.

This product came in a cute little package stating the directions to use the product on the back. Like I mentioned earlier, Sephora’s products are usually on the expensive side and this product was no different. At $50 CAD for the apricot product, I was hoping I was getting my money’s worth from Sephora.


I’ve never actually used any products from this line so this was a huge jump for me. What made me really buy this product was the fact that it was a product I could mix with my regular products to help ameliorate my skin colour. I have a few red areas around my face and I really wanted to find something that could benefit me in the future. Concealer helps but it doesn’t particularly help my skin in the long run.

The product comes in a little bottle and when you twist the top, you find a little dropper. By taking a little bit, you squeeze a bit out of the dropper onto your foundation or to your BB cream and mix it in. I find that the product was very liquid-y and it mixes wonderfully with your face product. Since using the product, I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin tone. There are less red areas around my face and I find that the more I use it, those areas are less pigmented.

If you’re interested in products like this in this line, Sephora has a wide variety of them. Each of the products targets a different problem. The one above is mainly used for skin discolouration. Below is the link to all the products in this line.

Green – redness
Apricot – discoloration
Blue – yellow undertones
Pink – dullness

~Miss Happy Penguin



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