Asian Candy – Milk Ball


Milk Ball. You’re probably wondering what this sort of candy tastes like from the sounds of it. My first initial reaction is that it must a chewy sort of candy in the shape of a ball. Let’s see if my first reaction was the correct one!


The package is a little tin with a cute little boy on the front. When you open up the tin, you find a little plastic bag with individual candies.

I find it interesting that they put them into one plastic bag so you don’t lose any of your contents after opening the tin. Each little candy wrapper looks like this:

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the actual candy but it was actually a hard candy in the shape of the ball. It definitely had a milky taste to it and it reminded me a lot of the White Rabbit Candies:


It did not take me long to get through all of these candies because it tasted quite good. I actually liked the fact that it was a hard candy instead of a soft candy because I was able to savour the candy more.

This candy has my stamp of approval and it would be one of the candies I would purchase if I were in Asia.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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