Review: Stila Stay All Day Liner and Kajal Eyeliner

Ever wandered into Sephora and looked on those display cases to see what sort of products that they were featuring for that week? One day I was looking at this one display that showed a bunch of different eyeliners, and I noticed that they had a black one from Stila.

Stila was never a brand I looked to whenever I was looking to try a new product. I had heard many good things about their Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks, but I had next to nothing about their eyeliner.

I decided to try two of their eyeliners – one for daily wear (Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Tiger’s Eye brown) and one for more intense looks (Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in jet black).

Starting with the brown eyeliner, my first observation is that the eyeliner is one that you have to constantly sharpen. It glides on smoothly and it has this beautiful brown colour that is great for daily wear. It takes at least 5-6 applications before I have to re-sharpen it for the following use. It smudges quite easily, so if you were to mix it into a brown casual smokey eye for the day, it works wonderfully.

Unfortunately if you did not intend for the eyeliner to smudge whatsoever during the day, it would not be the best candidate. Often would I wear it for my 7-8 hour shift at the school and at least half of it would rub off by the end of the day. I have to subconsciously take note not to rub my eye in case it came off.


The black eyeliner proves to be much better for daily wear and it requires no sharpening whatsoever since it is a liquid liner. It glides on smoothly and the applicator is sharp, so a crisp wing can be done for a cat eye look.

The liner is also waterproof so you know it’ll last long and it requires no reapplication after a work day. Even if I rub my eye with this eyeliner, there isn’t any residue and it doesn’t rub off easily. A lot of eyeliners begin to crust up after a couple of hours but this eyeliner stays moisturized as if you had just applied it a few minutes ago.


Since you know how each of the products work, let’s get down to the costs. There is a huge difference between the costs. The Kajal Eyeliner only costed $20CAD while the Stay All Day Liner costs $30CAD. I find that paying the extra $10CAD difference is worth your money. A good eyeliner in my eyes is long-lasting and hands down was the Stay All Day Liner meets that requirement. I will not repurchase the other eyeliner but I might give the other colours in the Stay All Day Liner line a try.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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