Review: Venus Eye Brown Coloured Contacts

Ever wanted to give coloured contacts a try? I’ve always been pretty hesitant with trying anything that has to do with contacts besides my regular ones. I’ve been a contact wearer for nearly 10 years and I only ever started wearing coloured contacts about 5 years ago.


These brown coloured contacts are from a brand called Venus, a brand I have never tried before, but I was definitely willing to give it a try. These contacts were purchased for $26 from the Pink Paradise website. Below is the link:


Each pair of contacts came with a macaron contacts case. As you can see there are two, I had purchased these contacts along with a grey pair that I will review later on this year.

Each of these contacts come in a little vial where you pop off the top and peel this little aluminium foiled seal. To open them properly, I recommend going onto Youtube and following a video. The first time I ever opened up one of these vials, I cut myself pretty badly.


When I looked at the contacts in the vials, I loved the look of them. I specifically bought ones that had a smaller diameter (these ones were 14mm) so my eyes did not look so doll-like. There are some that are much bigger – 15mm+ – and those make your eyes humungous. If you are trying to go for a more natural look, go for one around 14mm.


These contacts are from South Korea and come in a range of prescriptions (0.00 to 8.00). I unfortunately am closer to the end of that spectrum, so I was happy to hear that they had prescriptions for my poor eyesight.


Above are the contacts worn on myself and they actually turned out to be more green than a brown colour. As you can see, the contacts rest on the coloured part of my eye and don’t give my eye this weird doll-look, like other contacts.


After wearing these contacts for a couple of months (these contacts last for a full year), I found that they were a little more on the dry side. I had to carry some eye drops to make sure that my eyes kept moisturized on a long day. I wear my regular contacts for 8hours+ so I gave these out a try. Unfortunately around hour 6/hour 7, I thought that my eyes needed a rest from the contacts. Coloured contacts aren’t meant to be worn for long periods of time, so definitely carry some contact friendly eye drops. I only ever wear coloured contacts for special occasions and it is always nice to change up your makeup for a different eye colour.

Overall these contacts weren’t too bad for their price, and shipping on their site (to Canada) for two items was only $5. The website has a huge range of contacts for many different prescriptions. I like the diameter of these contacts and the colour pay-off on my regular dark brown eyes. I highly recommend giving this website a try if you are getting coloured contacts for the first time or if you’re looking for a wide range.

**Note: Coloured contacts may come up to be a different colour on your eye than on someone else.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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