Green Tea Matcha Crunch


Crunch time means munch time! This little package of crunchy green tea goodness comes from Asia. One of my friends had sent me a bunch of snacks and here is another one of them!


Unfortunately I cannot read Japanese, so I translated the above snack as the Green Tea Matcha Crunch chocolate bars.


They come in a pretty big package with individually packaged chocolate bars.

I like that a lot of asian snacks tend to be individually packaged. I suppose it is much more hygienic if you are sharing snacks with someone else. It also makes a good stuffer if you’re making goodie bags of the sort.


When opened, you find this little green chocolate bar with some traces of nuts embedded in the chocolate. It definitely looks appetizing and I could smell the matcha green tea after opening up the package.


It’s got both a matcha green tea layer and a small layer of chocolate underneath. After having a bite, I could really get a good taste of the matcha green tea. It was flavourful and I could not help but have another one afterwards.

This one is different than the Nestle or the Kit Kat ones that you might have had before. This chocolate bar seemed more of an authentic taste of matcha green tea. I really enjoyed this snack and needless to say it didn’t take me long to devour the whole bag.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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