Review: Tony Moly Earth Beauty Rice Mask

Tony Moly has really upped their game and I’m really enjoying all their products from my haul from them.

Tony Moly’s Earth Beauty Rice Mask comes in individual packages which is easy to carry with you whenever you’re on the go, and it’s also a good thing if you only wanted to try one of each when you enter into a store. They are only $5US each.


Like other masks, this mask is only worn for about 20-30 minutes but what was different was that the first step I had to take before applying the mask onto my face. On the back, the instructions stated that I needed to remove the film and pour a liquid onto the mask.

I opened up the package and found this little plastic rice-like mask in a plastic container. There was also a little package of liquid that needed to be poured into the contents of the container.

Following the instructions, I poured the contents of the small package and this viscous white liquid came out and it filled up the whole container. It covered all of the mask.

After waiting a few minutes, the liquid had soaked right into the mask. The mask was no longer hard like paper but a gooey sort of mask that could be removed and applied onto your face.

The mask came in two parts – the top layer of your face that goes around your eyes and the bottom layer that goes on your chin and jawline. It felt super moisturizing after placing it onto my face and it smelled fantastic. I might be biased since I usually eat rice on a regular basis, but the scent of rice was very calming. This mask was said to be more for brightening and moisturizing which I can agree entirely on since the liquid made the mask very hydrating and the white liquid would be great for brightening the skin.

This was definitely a different mask compared to the ones that I usually do. Most of the ones that I get are just one that you open from the package or you peel a small film off of it before applying it onto your face. I highly recommend giving this mask a try. Smells awesome, super hydrating and cheap too!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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