Review: Mac Eyeshadow – Always Sunny

Don’t you love it when you get gifted something? This lovely little orangey-shade by Mac was gifted to be by a fellow coworker. She said she had received a bunch of eyeshadows and wanted to give me this one.


At first I was pretty hesitant on the colour because orange is pretty dramatic. It isn’t a dark pigmented colour but it is a colour that is hard to miss. I didn’t know what I would do with an orange eyeshadow, but I was willing to give it a try.

The original price of this Mac eyeshadow is $8 – which is super inexpensive since these eyeshadows last for a long time (currently unavailable – I’m guessing there are only some eyeshadows from Mac that get recycled). It’s called Always Sunny which is a befitting name for this bright orange.


Like all Mac eyeshadows, it comes in a little individual clear covered compact that allows you to see the colour in all of its glory. Mac eyeshadows are great to use because they are very blendable and I didn’t find this one any different than the other ones I have used.

This eyeshadow was a lot more versatile to use despite its colour. I learnt that even using this solely on my eyes with a brown eyeliner and mascara could look great. It’s a colour that can be easily blended with other colours. Occasionally I would use it with a light blue and a brown to make the colour pop.

Overall I am very happy with this eyeshadow and I highly recommend anyone to give Mac eyeshadows a try if you haven’t already.

**TIP: If you save 6 Mac eyeshadow containers, you can go back into the store and recycle it to turn it into a lipstick. I think it’s such a great program and it definitely helps to save the environment than throwing out your old containers!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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