Snack Review: Tohato Caramel Corn

I find it’s always nice to be able to try something new. One thing that I really enjoy is trying snacks from a different country. I got lucky with having friends who are currently working overseas who send care packages. This little snack review is of the Tohato Caramel Corn. It’s a Japanese branded snack that is more on the sweeter side than on the savoury side.


The packaging is absolutely adorable (which I find holds true to many Asian snacks) because of the little face on the bag. My first impression of the snack was that it is almost too adorable to eat!


I popped open the bag and these little U-shaped hard puffs came out. I don’t particularly enjoy eating puffs but these were harder and have a crunch to it. For some reason, I expected it to be orange coloured but I suppose that is my mind filled with the idea of Cheetos more than anything.

I took a bite out of a few of these little caramel puffs and I was sadly disappointed with the taste of it. I am a huge caramel fan but it had this weird fake caramel taste that was a little unsettling. I only ate the few puffs and never touched it again. It reminds me a little of the caramel corn popcorn but with a weird after taste to it.

When it comes to foreign snacks, it always is a hit or miss. This one was a huge miss but I was still happy to have given it a try.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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