Review: Quo Blending Sponge

Have you ever come back home after a long day to find a streak of makeup not blended properly into your complexion? Please tell me I’m not the only one that has this issue, haha.

I always look for a good blending tool for foundation or for everyday products like concealer. When I saw that Quo had an inexpensive ($5) beauty blender, I immediately bought it to give it a try.

Quo has individually packaged beauty blenders in packages like the above image. Here I know it hasn’t been contaminated by anything else before opening the actual package.

My first impression of the blender was its interesting shape compared to the typical water droplet shape that most beauty blenders. It has two rounded parts and it fit well in my hand as a place to hold when used. The tip applicator of the beauty blender was also quite sharp to use in tighter spots around the eyes.


This beauty blender was surprisingly very soft and it had a plush feeling to it. I used both ends when applying makeup – top for concealer and areas around the eyes and bottom for large areas around the face for foundation. Both ends were great to use and more points for being a good investment.

Also if you’re wondering how to keep these blenders clean, I usually clean mine once a week with a bit of soap and some lukewarm water. By massaging the soap into the beauty blender, all of the product comes right out and you’re left with a soft plush purple beauty blender after the wash. I change my beauty blender every 2-3 months but it also depends on how often you use it. I find a good indicator for changing the beauty blender is to see if it loses its vibrant colour.

Overall this beauty blender was a great buy. Since it was an inexpensive $5 buy from Shoppers and its ability to be used the same way as the ones you get from Sephora, I knew this was a great product to use. I highly recommend getting one of these to use if you don’t have $30 to throw buying the ones at a higher-end store. Thanks once again for the lovely on this post. If you have any questions, please let me know and leave comments on your experiences on these products as well!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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