Snack Review: Chocobons Strawberry Bomb

Chocolate? Strawberries? Chocolate and strawberries mixed together? Yes please!

Chocobons is a Chinese snack that my friend sent to me in one of the care packages she sent from Hong Kong. I love trying new snacks, so it was nice to see a new one.

These little bite-sized chocolate balls come in a box package with a realistic picture of what it looks like.

They literally are a small chocolate covered ball that fit between your fingers.


Once you bite into them, you find yourself immediately tasting a strawberry filling. It was a lot more strawberry-tasting than I expected it to be, but it was actually quite good.


It didn’t take me long to finish the whole box of these little chocolate balls. They were easy to get through since they were bite-sized and I adore the mix of both chocolate and strawberry together!

I would definitely buy these boxes of chocolates again in the future if I go to Asia. If you come by one of these it is definitely worth a try.

~Miss Happy Penguin



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