Tony Moly Three Step Nose Strips


Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits. It was the first thing that I saw on the packaging that inclined me to buy the product.

Tony Moly never fails to surprise me with their cute packaging. This was one of their products that I had picked along with my Tony Moly haul and I was happy to give it a try (especially at the cheap cost of $5 USD).

This adorably packaged nose strip clearly shows its users that there are 3 different steps that needs to be followed. Even though I cannot read the Korean instructions on the back of the packaging, the pictures at the back were a great guideline.

The nose strips are separated into three steps; each strip can also be detached from the original package. Step 1 was a wet and soft nose strip that is supposedly for softening the skin around the nose before the actual nose strip that remove whiteheads/blackheads.

Before applying the Step 1 nose strip, I immediately got a whiff of strawberries which made me even more inclined to put the nose strip on. I find a lot of nose strip products tend to have this strong acidic alcoholic scent that is too overwhelming.

Each nose strip is instructed to be applied for 15-20 minutes. After the first nose strip, the skin around my nose was a lot more smoother and “tender.” It definitely felt as if that the skin was being prepared for the next nose strip. I have never used a nose strip that felt like this one.

The Step 2 nose strip was a different hue than the first nose strip; it had a more pinkish colour. This strip also pleasantly smelled like strawberries. The second strip was instructed to remove any unwanted whiteheads and/or blackheads. As recommended, I left the strip on for 15-20 minutes and took the nose strip off. The photo on the bottom right corner was taken after the use and it removed quite a bit of my whiteheads. I usually use nose strips once a week but I had purposely not used any for two weeks to see how efficient this product was and I was surprised how good it was.

The third and final nose strip was a bit of an odd shaped sort of nose strip compared to the first two. This strip was designed to help cool off your skin and to help close up the pores. I had never encountered a strip that was deliberately used for such a purpose. Once again I applied the strip for the recommended time and I felt an immediate cooling sensation. After all three strips, I felt really good afterwards and my pores felt thoroughly cleaned and pampered.

This product was originally one of those products that I just happened to throw into my basket when shopping around Tony Moly and it shocked me as to how good it was overall. It was super cheap and the 3-step process was super easy to follow. It was very efficient and it also smelled amazing. I honestly loved the fact that this three step nose strip product had the intention of making the removal of whiteheads and blackheads less harsh than it should be. Although this might be a bit of a long procedure for most individuals to be used on a regular basis, it is a good product to use for the days you want to give yourself a good pampering. I believe this product was well designed in the sense that it prevents individuals from increasing the size of their pores and allowing the pores to close properly.  I highly recommend giving this product a try and I am so happy to have reviewed this for you today! I will have more products from Tony Moly later on, so stay tuned!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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