Review: Tony Moly Peppermint Foot Mask

Masks have always been one of my favourite products from Tony Moly, but when I walked into the Tony Moly store, this little package caught my eye.


It might have been the big white foot on the packaging or the bright green hue but I was definitely drawn to it in the store. I knew immediately that this is what I would need for my gross tired dry feet. My job consists of being a lot on my feet, so finding this product was a definite sign to give myself a break (also it only costed $5 so I was more inclined to give it a try).


This foot masks consists of peppermint extract and that is said to refresh and to moisturize your feet. I opened up the packaging and found these look-alike white socks.


I pulled them out of the packaging and found the pair attached at the top. Once taken apart, you could peer into the socks to find the peppermint extract.

The foot masks exterior were made with this plastic material. Although the packaging did not state what the shoe size limit for these masks, I would guess it would fit shoe sizes up to size 9. I have relatively big feet (size 7) for my height, but they were still a bit big on me.


As followed by the directions, I placed my feet into these sock masks for half an hour and sat on my bed. It felt somewhat like stepping into wet shoes, but once the half hour had finished, I was happy to take them off.


My feet felt absolutely wonderful after taking the socks masks off. They felt both moisturized and clean. My feet felt as if they were rejuvenated after a long day of work.

I really enjoyed this product for their design and it’s straightforward instructions. It was not too expensive and the peppermint scent smelt great and it was ever so refreshing. Tony Moly has once again not failed me with their product!

~Miss Happy Penguin



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