Review: Tony Moly Earth Beauty Mud Mask Sheet

IMG_0839Mud mask. What a weird concept to me. When I think of mud, I don’t normally associate it with skin care. I’ve been told that mud has a lot of benefits to take out the impurities of skin, so I figured this would be a good way of testing it.


Tony Moly came out with a mud mask sheet that has mentioned that it will cleanse the pores by removing the impurities through this peel-off mask.


The mask costs around $6.50 CAD each but I bought mine in a package that came along with other Earth Beauty masks (5 for $25 CAD). Each mask comes in two pieces – one for the upper half of the face covering the eyes and nose and one for the lower half of the face that covers the chin area and around the mouth.


Looking at the mask at a first glance, it looked super smooth but what was a bit off-putting was the scent of the mask. The mask had an interesting look – a brown coloured cotton mask and it seemed that the pores would really benefit from the little fibres of the mask.


The instructions in the back state to place each section of the mask on the proper parts of the face and allow 40 to dry. After 40 minutes, I found that the mask was still a bit moist so I allowed another 10 minutes to let the mask fully dry. The mask was the peeled off type and I felt my skin instantly cleaned. My pores felt purified after using the mask and I did not feel like the mask was peeling my skin off at the same time as cleansing my pores.

This mask was a nice mask to use overall but the scent was a bit too off-putting for my liking. Although my skin felt quite clean after using it, having to wear the mask for more than 40 minutes was a bit too long. I understand that the mud takes a long time to dry but I think a different formulation would have been beneficial for this mask if they were to make another one. The price was normal which does not incline me to have to want to purchase a bunch of them. Overall a good mask to give a try but I would not buy it again.

~Miss Happy Penguin



Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk 604


Crisp white like freshly fallen snow. Something that I wish not to think about to be quite honest since I hope that spring is upon is soon! Any other fellow Canadians out there?

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 604 Milk is a white eyeliner that my friend recommended. I was looking for a simple white eyeliner to put in the corner of my eyes to finish off my makeup looks.


This eye pencil has a simple package. Immediately after looking at the product, you know exactly what it is for. This product is super pigmented and glides on effortlessly. I have used this as eyeliner in the corner of my eye as well as an eye shadow base for those more dramatic makeup looks with brighter colours. I find that this works well as a eye shadow base after applying a primer to make colours more vibrant.


Despite having a bit of a wider tip at the top of this pencil, it works very smoothly. If I wanted to use this product for smaller areas, it was an easy product to transfer onto a small eyeshadow brush to apply to other areas. I also don’t feel as if my skin is being dragged whatsoever when applying the eyeliner.


NYX never surprises me with their products and their prices. With a whopping $4 for this eyeliner pencil, I would repurchase this hands down. It does its job and more at an inexpensive price. The colour is very pigmented as I’ve mentioned above and it just glides so effortlessly. Definitely give this product a try if you’re looking for a cheap white eyeliner.

**Note: There are other colours in this line such as black (black bean), dark brown, silver (pots and pans), pink (strawberry milk), etc.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Quo Must Have Brows Kit

Quo. What an odd name for a brand, right? This is a drugstore brand from Shoppers Drug Mart that was recommended to me by one of the beauty consultants. I was looking for a relatively inexpensive brow product to use and this seemed like a good product to give a try.


The packaging of this product is interesting since a lot of the brow products I’ve used aren’t so big and/or have an elastic fixture. I figured since this was a kit, it would have more than just the product itself.


It was nice that the packaging showed instructions on how to fill in your brows. This kit seems to cater to first-time brow drawers to perfect filling in their brows. I like that it is more like a palette for the user to pick and choose what items to use for their eyebrow look. It includes three different eyebrow stencil shapes and three tools (spoolie, tweezer and brush) to allow the user to optimize drawing their brows.


There is also a miniature mirror in the inside of the kit (great for if you’re on the go!). I really enjoy the packaging of this kit since it is straight forward and it has all of what you need.


The eyebrow stencils are super helpful (I tried 2/3 of them), but I usually fill them out freehandedly when filling in my brows. They work well and I find it gives a good outline on what to pay attention to when you are filling your brow. There are small markings on each stencils with angles which are helpful to make note.

The three shades included in the kit vary from a beige colour wax to a yellow tone and brown tone. When using this kit, I would place the wax onto my brows before putting a mixture of the yellow and brown shades. It was difficult to figure out how much of each shade to mix to find “my colour,” which I found as a downside of this product. Most eyebrow products are one colour but you could try it in-store before purchasing. The upside of this is if you were to dye your hair to a different shade, this would be a great product to use since it covers a range of shades.

The texture of the product was easy to work with. The wax wasn’t too sticky feeling. As for the yellow and brown tones, they felt more like eye shadows.

The three tools included in this product cover all of what you need to do with your brows. Tweezers for cleaning. Spoolie for fluffing. Brush for drawing.

At a inexpensive price of $20 for this palette, I thought overall this kit was well-worth its price. The product works smoothly and the tools that were included in this kit are all encompassing. I would definitely repurchase this item if I were looking for an inexpensive brow product but having to carry this kit is the only reason I would not. I would much rather one product to use that was easy to carry around.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: L’Oréal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Makeup removal. One of my favourite things to do at the end of the day. Anyone else feel super refreshed afterwards? It’s that much closer to bed time which is an added plus.

I’ve tried a handful of different makeup removers and I decided to give the L’Oréal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover a try.


This makeup remover was purchased at a local Shoppers Drug Mart for only $8 CAD. I was curious as to see how good of a product this was since it was “gentle” and most of the time when a product states this, the product doesn’t work as well as it should.


There is a 120 mL in each bottle and there is a twist top. Unfortunately there is no specific dispenser cover for this bottle so it was a little bit more difficult to use than other eye makeup removers. I used a simple cotton pad to pour out some of the product onto before removing my makeup.

Surprisingly this makeup remover worked quite well. It was definitely “gentle” on the eyes and I did not feel any sort of stinging sensation on my eyes or areas around my eyes. It almost felt like soothing water that could dual as removing makeup.

I really enjoyed using this product, but the only downside was the dispensing of the product. If they had placed a cover that dispensed the product in smaller amounts, I would repurchase this product. The price was great and the product was great, but the fact that I would sometimes spill too much product onto my cotton pad really turned me off from the product. If I were to look for a cheap makeup remover that worked though, this one would be a go-to one.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Pureness 100 Collagen Mask Sheet – Elasticity


‘Little grapes?’ – was the first thought that came to mind when I looked at the package of this face mask. Obviously this was not the case since the image was to be a representation of collagen (although I’m not quite sure what colour it is supposed to be under a microscope).


The Pureness 100 Series has 10 different masks – one being the Collagen Mask Sheet that targets to improve to firm skin and improve elasticity. I have tried a bunch of them from this line and this one was one of the ones that I was intrigued by because of the image on the package and its benefits.


Like other masks, this mask is to be worn for 20-30 minutes and then the leftover product is to be pat into the skin and around the neck area.

This face mask is made out of a soft cotton that feels super moisturizing in your hand before applying on your face. I find that the mask is super hydrating but unfortunately not as “firming” as it claims to be. This might just be the fact that I’m part of the cohort that is under 30, but I don’t find it does much besides hydration.

The mask costs a little less than $2 CAD a piece, which is an unbeatable price (yay for Tony Moly!). Although this mask is cheap, I would not repurchase this and would just get another mask from the same Pureness 100 Series.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Tony Moly Claynetic Pack

Tony Moly. Of course if you were to buy a whole bunch of products from the store, they give you samples. This sample was definitely one worth mentioning because of the interesting effects it has during the actual clay mask process.

This little sample was just a tiny amount of clay product for one time use. It came in a little teal coloured packet which was identical to the colour of the full sized product container.

I opened up the packet to find a good amount of product. It had a light green coloured hue. I applied it all over my face, and I immediately felt a tingling sensation. This mask was told to react directly on your skin as if it was a magnetic sort of feeling.

As seen above, the product began to bubble and it felt as if it was being oxidized right onto my skin. I felt as if my skin was being bloated, but only on the areas where the product were applied.


After 15 minutes, the product stopped bubbling and it began to dry up. As shown in the above photo, this is what it looked like after 15 minutes. I immediately washed the clay off my face and my skin felt a lot lighter. This claynetic mask by Tony Moly reminds me a lot like the bubble mask that has been quite popular these past few years. It does not foam up/bubble up like that particular mask, and it seems to bubble up on a smaller level.

Tony Moly has always got me loving their products. This sample is no exception. The full-sized product is currently not sold on the Tony Moly site, but it can be found on other sites. It is currently retailed in a set for around $35 + tax, which is a pretty good deal because I find a lot of products are a stand-alone at that price. I definitely plan on repurchasing this product again. It left my skin feeling super clean but I would use this along with another product to clean my pores before using this!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Starbucks Via Instant Iced Coffee

Caffeine. Coffee. The elixir of life. Anyone out that that hasn’t had caffeine in their system has not felt the reality of life just yet.


I was never a big coffee drinker back when I was in school. The first time ever trying coffee, I told myself that it was way too bitter (even if I added crazy amounts of sugar and milk/cream). After being introduced to iced coffee, we were on a whole other level.

Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup, etc were the staple coffee stores that I would get my iced coffees. One of my friends gifted me this box of instant iced coffee.

Each box contained 5 packets of iced coffee mix in these little packets. These are already sweetened packets, so no need to worry about adding anymore sugar afterwards. I suppose this helps out those lazy and/or busy individuals out there.


Easy instructions are found at the back of the box.

As followed, 475 mL of water were placed into the cup.

Opened up the package and placed into the water mixture.



I added some milk and some ice, and voila! We have our iced teas ready to go. Honestly, this was absolutely a great way of getting your iced coffee for the morning or for a nice hot day out without having to actually going to Starbucks and ordering one.

For retail, a box of 5 or 6 costs around $30 + tax. I suppose you’re paying a little less if you buy the box since an iced coffee at Starbucks is close to $5 depending on the size you get. My bottle is can hold 475 mL which is around the same size as a Grande at Starbucks, so I would say you’re getting your money’s worth along with saving the trip of going to Starbucks.

Unfortunately I found it to be a little sweeter than my own iced coffees. I probably would not repurchase this box but for anyone that wants an instant fix of iced coffee from Starbucks, this is a great option!

~ Miss Happy Penguin