Table 85

More and more Asian cuisine restaurants have opened up in Ottawa and I’m happy to have found this little hidden gem. Table 85 is located on 85 Bronson Street in the basement of a Remax building right off the 417.

I went with a group of 10+ individuals and we had ordered various items to try out their dishes. There were assorted Korean side dishes such as sweet potatoes, kimchi and black beans. A lot of Korean restaurants make and serve their own kimchi dishes.

Sweet And Spicy Fried Chicken
Original Korean Fried Chicken

Table 85 offers different types of fried chicken; we ordered the Original Korean Fried Chicken and the Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken. Both dishes tasted great but I enjoyed the original flavour a little bit more (it also might be due to the fact that my tolerance for spice is lower?). I really taste the soy sauce and honey marinade in this dish.

Fire Seafood Noodles

Next up we have my favourite dish – Fire Seafood Noodles. Although as stated above that my tolerance for spice is low, this dish was worth killing my taste buds for. This dish consisted bok choy vegetables, mussels, shrimp, and carrots in a noodle base. I adore seafood so it was nice to have this part of the meal.

Jajang Noodles

Black bean noodles (also known as Jajang Myun in Korean) is a noodle dish drenched in a black bean sauce. If you’re more into a more saucy type of noodle dish, this would be your best bet. This dish is topped up with cucumbers and some boiled eggs to make sure your taste buds are completely overwhelmed by the black bean sauce. This dish tasted also very good and the portion size could be split between two people.

Beef Sashimi

Last but not least is the beef sashimi. This well-marinated meat dish is served with both pickled radishes and lettuce. Typically you put the beef sashimi in a wrap and add the other side bits/condiments before consumption.

After trying various dishes from Table 85, it is safe to say that they have a wide variety in which all tasted really good. My favourite dish, as mentioned above, would have to be the Fire Seafood Noodles. Each dish varies from $10 to $30. I believe the whole meal costed about $40 each person (including taxes) since we had done a foodie group event. It was a spectacular experience and I would go again!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Tony Moly Peppermint Foot Mask

Masks have always been one of my favourite products from Tony Moly, but when I walked into the Tony Moly store, this little package caught my eye.


It might have been the big white foot on the packaging or the bright green hue but I was definitely drawn to it in the store. I knew immediately that this is what I would need for my gross tired dry feet. My job consists of being a lot on my feet, so finding this product was a definite sign to give myself a break (also it only costed $5 so I was more inclined to give it a try).


This foot masks consists of peppermint extract and that is said to refresh and to moisturize your feet. I opened up the packaging and found these look-alike white socks.


I pulled them out of the packaging and found the pair attached at the top. Once taken apart, you could peer into the socks to find the peppermint extract.

The foot masks exterior were made with this plastic material. Although the packaging did not state what the shoe size limit for these masks, I would guess it would fit shoe sizes up to size 9. I have relatively big feet (size 7) for my height, but they were still a bit big on me.


As followed by the directions, I placed my feet into these sock masks for half an hour and sat on my bed. It felt somewhat like stepping into wet shoes, but once the half hour had finished, I was happy to take them off.


My feet felt absolutely wonderful after taking the socks masks off. They felt both moisturized and clean. My feet felt as if they were rejuvenated after a long day of work.

I really enjoyed this product for their design and it’s straightforward instructions. It was not too expensive and the peppermint scent smelt great and it was ever so refreshing. Tony Moly has once again not failed me with their product!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Butter Avenue

3 years. It took me 3 years to get around to trying this lovely bakery/pastry store. My best friend and I talked about trying this place in our final years of university and we never got around to doing so. I am finally happy to say that I finally ventured into this little shop and purchased some macarons to taste.

Two boxes of 6 and a mini macaron cup


The Butter Avenue location I went to was the one on Queen Street (super close to the airbnb place I stayed at the last time I went to visit). The shop offered many different flavoured macarons and some baked goods. I was only interested in the macarons where I purchased two boxes (one for myself and the other for a friend) and one mini mac cup for my sister.

Mini Macaron Cup

The mini macaron cup was honestly way too cute to pass up on. The flavours that were offered in this cup were Raspberry, White Chocolate Strawberry, Earl Grey, Sea Salted Caramel, Pistachio Wild Cherry and Soothing Lavender (which is hidden in the back). My sister tried them all and she said they were super soft. Her favourite one was the raspberry and the sea salted caramel macarons.

My box of 6 came in a little yellow carton box that was tied together with this white twistable tie. When you opened it up, each of the macarons were displayed in a neat little row.

Flavours in order (left to right) – Sea Salted Caramel, Earl Grey, Hojuicha Roasted Green Tea, Madagascar Vanilla, Lemon Poppyseed and Berry Punch

Above are the macarons that I had handpicked from the selection they had at the store.

Each any every one of these flavours were great on its own and I couldn’t help myself from finishing all of them in one sitting. They were bite-sized and super soft. I couldn’t get over how delicious they were. The colours were vibrant which made them even more appealing to eat.

From the 6 that I had picked, I vote the Sea Salted Caramel and the Earl Grey as my top 2 macarons. The Lemon Poppyseed was a good one too. I had eaten these macarons with a cup of Orange Pekoe tea (which I highly recommend doing if you wanted to cleanse your palette between the macarons).

Overall I had a great experience with Butter Avenue. The staff were very kind and helpful. They gave suggestions on which macarons to try and which were their top sellers. The macarons were scrumptious and I would go again once I’m back in town.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Laroche-Posay Hydreane Legere Face Cream

If I were to pick one skincare item that I could not live without, it would definitely be a moisturizer. Moisturizers are honestly the thing that I use religiously twice a day.

I’ve been through a lot of different moisturizers but this is one of my holy grail moisturizers. Laroche-Posay has many different moisturizers for a variety of skin types. My skin type leans more towards a mixed skin type where I am unfortunately both dry and oily due to my T-zone areas.

Laroche-Posay Hydreane Legere Face Cream is recommended for individuals with sensitive skin and I always believed I fall under this category due to my spontaneous breakouts of eczema from time to time. I also consulted a Shoppers representative in regards to this before purchasing this item. She had recommended a light formula so I would be able to gain the hydration from the moisturizer without giving it excess oils that tends to lead my skin to breaking out. I’ve had tons of difficulties in finding good moisturizers for this reason because skin produces natural oils and a lot of our cleansing products strips skin of these natural oils without replenish them properly.

This product comes in a cute little simple box package that states all the information one needs to know about the product.


My first impressions of the product was how small it was. It only had 40 mL but it doesn’t take too much of the product to cover your face.

The formula of the product is very light and I didn’t feel as if I was overly hydrating myself leaving my skin oily. I find a lot of products tend to be super thick but this was not at all like that. Laroche-Posay’s product holds to the legere formula name.

Although this product is one of my holy grail for face moisturizers, the only downside of it is the price. For a small 40 mL bottle, it costed $28 CAD+tax from Shoppers Drugmart.

This product overall is a great product to use and I have not found another moisturizer that has yet to top this one in regards to formulation. Even though the price is more than what I would like to pay for the product, I would repurchase it because of the quality.

Thanks once again for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to leave any comments below!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Becca – Champagne Pop

Shimmer and glitter. These two words always appealed to me and since the trend of highlighters came out. I used to love wearing those glittery eyeshadows when I was a child and even in my preteens years, so I was happy to jump onto the bandwagon once again. Highlighters have been my absolute new favourite type of product and I rarely go out without a little bit on my cheekbones nowadays.

Becca came out with the prettiest highlighter – Champagne Pop. It is a listed as a Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter and it has the nicest undertones that I’ve ever seen.


I was fortunate enough to have had this lovely product gifted to me, but the retail price of one of these is $46 CAD from Sephora. A hefty price to pay but the payoff of this highlighter is outstanding.

Champagne Pop colour has mainly soft white gold with a bit of a pinky peach to it. The pigmentation of this highlighter is absolutely beautiful and it’s very build-able. I generally just swipe a bit on the main areas of my face – cheeks bones, under my brows, a bit on my nose and my cupid’s bow – which is more than enough for a day look. I always add a bit more on the days I go out, but it lasts quite a long time.


As you can see in the above photo, the colour is highly pigmented. It catches the light well. You can really see the white gold and the tiny specks of peachy pink. It is a great combination of colours and looks great on any skin tone. I have a bit more of a tanned olive complexion and it brightens up my colour.


Here you can see the iridescent feel of the highlighter. It shimmers in the right places and it isn’t overwhelming like a lot of other highlighters. I especially love the fact that it has a gold undertone so it isn’t as shocking as the silvery kinds of highlighters.

Despite the priciness of this highlighter, I would highly recommend purchasing it. I have been using mine for a few months now and honestly I haven’t made a dent in the product. The payoff of this highlighter is unbelievable which is yet another plus on this product. If you haven’t had a chance to try this product, please give it a try. I believe that Becca has this highlighter in a smaller size too, so that might also be an option than buying it full-sized. Thanks once again for reading my posts. I look forward to writing more in the near future!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Finding the best mascara for my eyelashes has been the bane of my existence. I am unfortunate to have short straight eyelashes that never seem to work well with many mascara products. I decided to give the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara a try.

Maybelline has always been known for their mascara products and I was told that the non-waterproof mascaras would work well for my eyelashes so it wouldn’t be weighed down as much. This product was purchased at a local Shoppers Drugmart for $8 CAD (on sale) which is a decent price. I don’t use my mascara anymore than 3 months at a time to prevent any bacteria that could spawn on the wand.


This brightly coloured tubed is a good size for when you’re on the go. Once taking the product out of the packaging, I immediately wanted to know what the wand looked like. It was said to be “flared” but I wanted to know what that really meant.

After twisting open the mascara I was happy to find a curved mascara wand with smaller sized bristles. A lot of the mascaras that work better for my short straight eyelashes have smaller bristles to allow the product to get closer to the lash line.

This mascara surprisingly worked better than I thought it would. After curling my eyelashes before the application of the mascara, I was able to gently work the wand closer to my lash line which helped me create more volume. Although my lashes didn’t seemed lengthened, the aspect of the volume in this mascara was a plus.

Overall this product was worth the $8 cost but I am still on the search to find a mascara with the dual ability to voluminize and lengthen my eyelashes. I most likely would not buy this product again unless it was on sale again.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Tony Moly Three Step Nose Strips


Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits. It was the first thing that I saw on the packaging that inclined me to buy the product.

Tony Moly never fails to surprise me with their cute packaging. This was one of their products that I had picked along with my Tony Moly haul and I was happy to give it a try (especially at the cheap cost of $5 USD).

This adorably packaged nose strip clearly shows its users that there are 3 different steps that needs to be followed. Even though I cannot read the Korean instructions on the back of the packaging, the pictures at the back were a great guideline.

The nose strips are separated into three steps; each strip can also be detached from the original package. Step 1 was a wet and soft nose strip that is supposedly for softening the skin around the nose before the actual nose strip that remove whiteheads/blackheads.

Before applying the Step 1 nose strip, I immediately got a whiff of strawberries which made me even more inclined to put the nose strip on. I find a lot of nose strip products tend to have this strong acidic alcoholic scent that is too overwhelming.

Each nose strip is instructed to be applied for 15-20 minutes. After the first nose strip, the skin around my nose was a lot more smoother and “tender.” It definitely felt as if that the skin was being prepared for the next nose strip. I have never used a nose strip that felt like this one.

The Step 2 nose strip was a different hue than the first nose strip; it had a more pinkish colour. This strip also pleasantly smelled like strawberries. The second strip was instructed to remove any unwanted whiteheads and/or blackheads. As recommended, I left the strip on for 15-20 minutes and took the nose strip off. The photo on the bottom right corner was taken after the use and it removed quite a bit of my whiteheads. I usually use nose strips once a week but I had purposely not used any for two weeks to see how efficient this product was and I was surprised how good it was.

The third and final nose strip was a bit of an odd shaped sort of nose strip compared to the first two. This strip was designed to help cool off your skin and to help close up the pores. I had never encountered a strip that was deliberately used for such a purpose. Once again I applied the strip for the recommended time and I felt an immediate cooling sensation. After all three strips, I felt really good afterwards and my pores felt thoroughly cleaned and pampered.

This product was originally one of those products that I just happened to throw into my basket when shopping around Tony Moly and it shocked me as to how good it was overall. It was super cheap and the 3-step process was super easy to follow. It was very efficient and it also smelled amazing. I honestly loved the fact that this three step nose strip product had the intention of making the removal of whiteheads and blackheads less harsh than it should be. Although this might be a bit of a long procedure for most individuals to be used on a regular basis, it is a good product to use for the days you want to give yourself a good pampering. I believe this product was well designed in the sense that it prevents individuals from increasing the size of their pores and allowing the pores to close properly.  I highly recommend giving this product a try and I am so happy to have reviewed this for you today! I will have more products from Tony Moly later on, so stay tuned!

~Miss Happy Penguin