Tony Moly Claynetic Pack

Tony Moly. Of course if you were to buy a whole bunch of products from the store, they give you samples. This sample was definitely one worth mentioning because of the interesting effects it has during the actual clay mask process.

This little sample was just a tiny amount of clay product for one time use. It came in a little teal coloured packet which was identical to the colour of the full sized product container.

I opened up the packet to find a good amount of product. It had a light green coloured hue. I applied it all over my face, and I immediately felt a tingling sensation. This mask was told to react directly on your skin as if it was a magnetic sort of feeling.

As seen above, the product began to bubble and it felt as if it was being oxidized right onto my skin. I felt as if my skin was being bloated, but only on the areas where the product were applied.


After 15 minutes, the product stopped bubbling and it began to dry up. As shown in the above photo, this is what it looked like after 15 minutes. I immediately washed the clay off my face and my skin felt a lot lighter. This claynetic mask by Tony Moly reminds me a lot like the bubble mask that has been quite popular these past few years. It does not foam up/bubble up like that particular mask, and it seems to bubble up on a smaller level.

Tony Moly has always got me loving their products. This sample is no exception. The full-sized product is currently not sold on the Tony Moly site, but it can be found on other sites. It is currently retailed in a set for around $35 + tax, which is a pretty good deal because I find a lot of products are a stand-alone at that price. I definitely plan on repurchasing this product again. It left my skin feeling super clean but I would use this along with another product to clean my pores before using this!

~Miss Happy Penguin



Victoria’a Secret Love Spell


One can never have too many lotions. Another gifted item but from my birthday was this lovely fragrance lotion by Victoria’s Secret. This is from the Love Spell line.


This specific product size costs around $20 + tax, which is a decent price for what you’re getting. The scent is simply divine. It isn’t too overpowering and it doesn’t give you a headache after one application. This fragrance lotion smells of roses and various other flowers. It’s a subtle girly scent and it lasts for a long period of time.

The spout of the product is super simple, just pop off the top and apply it right to the skin.


This lotion is a little oily; if you’ve got dry skin, this would work in your favour. Unfortunately it isn’t as moisturizing as I thought it would be. It isn’t very hydrating and I find it requires multiple applications before it feels as if it has sunken into your skin. I tend to use this lotion after using a regular scented moisturizer. It works well as a fragrance, and I would most likely repurchase it again if it was solely a fragrance.

I would probably not re-buy this lotion specifically, and only get the fragrance mist version of this if I go back to VS. It was a lovely gift from my friend, and I would definitely get it as a gift for someone else, but for the price you;re paying for a not-so-moisturizing lotion, I would not get it again for myself.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

Etude House has been one of the Korean brands that I’ve been meaning to try more, but I haven’t had too many chances to try them. My friend sent me the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur which acts as a smoothing products that goes on after moisturizer but before any foundations. I’ve been using it more as a BB cream.


This product contains SPF 33+ but I still use regular face sunscreen along with this product to protect my skin.

The original packaging of this product is super simple. It tells you exactly what it is supposed to do – smoothing, pore hiding and toning up. It is also the exact colour of the actual product, so it’s nothing too surprising.

The product has a pump so it is definitely much more hygienic since I won’t be dipping my product back and forth. I find it is super important that there are products that try to keep as hygienic as possible so to avoid bacteria growth.

The formulation is super smooth and it doesn’t require too much to spread around the area needed. I found that the product blended into my skin very well and it didn’t take long for it to be absorbed. It left no residue whatsoever so it is a plus in my books.

Overall this is a really good product. I had to look up the price of it – one bottle costs ~$15-20 CAD, which is a decent price. Two pumps is enough to cover my whole face, so the product lasts for a long period of time. It also blends well into any skin colour – even my more tanned complexion seems to blend well – without leaving residue or streaks. It also has cute packaging, which is aesthetically pleasing to any customers buying the product. This product is another yes in my books and I would purchase it again.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Tony Moly Pureness 100 Shea Butter Sheet Mask

Moisturizing sheet masks are one of the things I tend to do at least once a week after my nightly routine of washing my face, exfoliating and moisturizing. It is the last step in my routine so my skin can absorb the most moisture it can from these masks. Tony Moly is my go-to brand when it comes to sheet masks.


I have tried other masks in the Tony Moly Pureness 100 series but this was my first time trying the Shea Butter one. I find Shea Butter has a distinctive scent and a lot of individuals seem to find it a little bit more fragrant but I find it really soothing.


As per usual, this mask is worn for 20-30 minutes. I tend to wear mine for a little more than half an hour and I also smear any of the leftover product on my arm and on my neck.


This mask was super moisturizing and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. The scent was not too strong in my opinion, and my skin was left feeling rejuvenated. It is probably one of my favourite masks in the Pureness 100 series.

Before I forget, this mask was only $5 CAD, which is quite cheap. When I bought this mask, I bought 5 at a time for $25 CAD, which is a steal. With the low costs and the benefits of this mask, I would buy it again for sure. Thank you to Tony Moly for making another amazing product!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Tony Moly Perfect Lip & Eye Remover

Waterproof eyeliner. Waterproof mascara. Stain proof lipstick. These are the types of items that most people use but it’s one of the most annoying products to be removed at the end of the day.


Tony Moly has a lip & eye makeup remover that I was willing to give a try on my search for the holy grail makeup remover. This little bottle of 100 mL costed a little under $10 CAD. I think someone missed a word in the title of the product, but it is a makeup remover nonetheless.

This bottle is small and portable (great for when you’re travelling) and it is super easy to use. You give it a little shake so that the liquids can mix and dab it a few times on a cotton pad before use. This product is specified to be used on the lip and eye area.

The top of the product comes sealed and can be easily removed once the cap has been twisted off. Most waterproof removing products tend to leave an oily aftereffect but I was pleasantly surprised that this product felt light after use. Although I saw the two liquids mix together (the top liquid being oil), I didn’t feel as if it had that much oil. I found it to be a shocker because both my eye makeup and lipstick were removed with ease.

I’m not going to lie, but this makeup remover is by far one of my favourite ones. It even tops the Lancome Bi-Facial Makeup Remover. Although I have tried the Lancome Makeup Remover a couple of times from a friend, I could not believe that a makeup remover felt light as water after using it. (I will do a review of the Lancome one later in the future to show you the comparison). The price itself was only a third of the price of its Lancome counterpart! If you ever get a chance to buy this product, definitely give it a try. Finally I have found an effective makeup remover for a decent price!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Tony Moly Mighty Atom Mask

Dry weather is upon us. Winter is coming. The news of snow has slowly become a topic in every day life.

Face masks are honestly one of the things I look forward to after a long day, especially now that it has begun to get colder and dryer. Good ol’ Tony Moly swoops into the rescue with another one of their masks. This one is nostalgic to my childhood days when I used to watch Astro Boy. (Does anyone else remember those days?) The packaging alone made me want to try this face mask right away!


This mask is specifically for moisturizing the skin. This is absolutely perfect for those days when you’re feeling your skin isn’t particularly up to par or when you think your skin is super dry. As followed by the instructions on the back, the mask is placed onto the face directly for 10-15 minutes. I tend to leave my masks on for at least half an hour to optimize its use.

Once the mask was taken out of the packaging, I knew immediately that this mask was going to be a moisturizing as it was going to be. The mask itself was dripping with the product which was a sure sign that I was going to have soft skin after using it.

This mask was very soothing and it didn’t have a particular scent (which is a plus since I am very sensitive to scented products).

Tony Moly masks are around $4 a pop and this one was not different. It is regular priced and I bought this one at the New York Tony Moly store. The store I went to had a bunch of masks sold individually but they also had a packaged deal where there were 5 different masks. Definitely worth giving those a try since it’s great to give other masks a try. Overall I would give this mask a thumbs up and I would recommend giving it a try if you’re looking for another moisturizing mask!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Heroine Make Smooth Eyeliner, Mascara and Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve tried countless waterproof mascaras and eyeliners, but I never seem to find one that actually is fully waterproof. It somehow smudges in the end or just gets ruined. I discussed this with one of my best friends and she said that there was one that she always buys and brings on her travels. Since my best friend and I were going to Thailand, she brought me to Sasa (a popular store in Hong Kong) that sold this holy grail waterproof mascara and eyeliner.


Heroine Make is the name of the brand and it originates from Japan. The eyeliner costed me around 82 HKD (~$13 CAD). The image of the girl is iconic to this brand and although I can’t read Japanese, it states that this eyeliner is waterproof and doesn’t come off whatsoever.

The eyeliner seemed like any other liquid eyeliner with a fine tip applicator and the packaging was very cute at first glance.

The application of the eyeliner was smooth and the fine tip made it easy to produce a winged eyeliner look. The pigment of the eyeliner was also very dark (I close black) and it didn’t fade whatsoever after a full day. I tried this eyeliner whilst in Thailand (including my beach days) and the eyeliner didn’t budge whatsoever. There was no eyeliner residue after going into the water, nor were there any smudge marks underneath my eyes. I could not believe how amazing this eyeliner was and it has become my holy grail waterproof eyeliner!

Heroine Make also had a waterproof mascara in the same line that I could not pass upon.

The mascara tube wasn’t anything fancy, nor was the brush, but I bought it at the same price of the eyeliner (~$13 CAD).


This mascara, just like the eyeliner, has also become my holy grail mascara for water days/rainy days. I tried it along with the eyeliner on my beach days in Thailand and I was pleasantly surprised to find that none of it smudged after going into the water multiple times. Although your eyelashes don’t look as full and voluminous like with other mascaras, this one is absolutely amazing ┬áhands-down the mascara you should use if you want it to stay on all day. The formulation of the mascara is light and it applies on easily.

Waterproof eyeliner and mascara. You’re probably wondering how I can remove these two holy grail items. My solution is the Heroine Make Eyeliner/Mascara remover. Since Heroine Make knows the formulation of the two products, they created its counterpart eyeliner/mascara remover.

This teal/mint coloured tube looks exactly like a mascara but its wand applicator is totally different. This wand is used to apply product onto your eyelashes to remove mascara. You brush the wand a couple of times over your eyelashes and leave it on for 30 seconds to 1 minute and use a makeup wipe or a cotton pad to wipe it off. It works amazingly well when removing waterproof mascara and it only requires one application to do the trick.

I was speechless after trying all three products and would highly recommend every single one of these products if you were looking for waterproof items. From my experience of being in Thailand for a week this past summer, this eyeliner and mascara would stay on without smudging. I spent nearly every day jumping into the waters and it has proved its waterproof abilities.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. Also if you’ve also tried these products, tell me how your experiences went!

~Miss Happy Penguin