Novo Marble Laptop Case

Marble. I swear that must have been the trend of last year. Every person seemed to have had a marble case for their phone, agenda, laptop, notebook, etc. I jumped the bandwagon for sure and purchased myself a Novo Marble Laptop Case. I ordered it off of Amazon for $20 CAD + tax.


The case was a white marble design, which was I quite liked since it matches the silver of the Macbook Air series. I own a 13 inch one since I prefer carrying a lighter laptop if I ever have to bring it anywhere to do work and whatnot.


Before buying this case, I knew Novo was a good brand for a lot of cases. A few friends had recommended this brand as well so I thought I would give it a try. It came with the front cover (white marble design) with the bottom cover (hard shell in white with novo written in a dark grey font colour).


The fact that this cover was a hard shell made it more inclined to buy it. I just felt that if I were to drop my laptop, it would feel more protected. The actual front cover has a smooth texture but is still a hard shell cover.

This case was a good buy. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I don’t have any scratches whatsoever. It has kept my laptop safe and I feel that my laptop is kept clean. This case is also used as a dual flat lay background if I ever need it to take any photos. You’ll notice that some of my photos might have a marble design as the background! Anyways, thanks again for staying tuned to my blog posts. I hope to write more to you all!

~Miss Happy Penguin



Urban Outfitters Phone Case

Phone accessories are probably one of the things I love about owning an Iphone. (Team Apple!) Iphones always seem to have various phone cases and this particular phone case came from Urban Outfitters.


For $25 + tax, I purchased this phone case from Urban Outfitters. This store has plenty of different trinkets along with the clothes that are sold. What caught my eye about this phone case were the many little silver glittery shapes found in the actual phone case. If you tipped the phone case around the glittery shapes and blue glitter would swirl around like a snow globe.


It’s such a pretty phone case and I used it for a good year. Unfortunately I had dropped it on several occasions and it ended up cracking on the side. Some of the liquid contents of the phone case started dripping out, so I had removed it so as to not damage my phone. For $25, I thought this case was a steal. If I used it 25 times ($1 rule written in a previous post), then I got my money’s worth.

Aesthetically speaking, this phone case was super pretty. Many compliments paid forward for this phone case, and many others would love to play around with this case. Price – definitely worth the money. I definitely would purchase this phone case again in the future.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Review: Geo Bella Grey Coloured Contacts

Pink Paradise. What an interesting name for a website, right? The first time I looked at the website, I was quite overwhelmed by how pink this website was (hence the name, I suppose).

I bought a previous pair of contacts from this website (Venus Eye Brown) and so I decided to try out another pair from the website. I went with the Geo series – Bella Grey.

The contacts came in two separate vials with the prescriptions written on the top. My eyes are a whopping 5.25 (left) and 7.25 (right) – terrible eyesight, right? I picked the 5 and 7 since these were the closest to my prescription.
*Note: When buying contacts, make sure to get the prescription closest to your own (lower) or you may harm your eyes.

These contacts costed me a total of $19.90 from Pink Paradise. The diameter was 14.2mm (more of a natural look) with a base curve of 8.6mm. These contacts can be worn for a year and the contacts came with a pink macaron lens case

At first glance, the colour was definitely the grey that I expected it to be from the images I saw from the website. It is more of a medium dark grey colour. I’ve only ever tried grey contacts once before but the colour came out to be blue instead.


As you can tell from the above photo, the colour isn’t the same grey as it was in the vial, but this colour was a lot closer to grey than it is to blue. I’m not quite sure if my dark eyes change the colour of the contacts when worn, but this often happens to me. Be wary when you buy the contacts since it won’t exactly be the same colour as you expect it to be when worn, but it’s kind of a nice surprise when you do.

Coloured contacts are recommended to be worn for 6-8 hours (same as regular contacts). I occasionally wear my contacts longer (I know.. very bad..) but they stayed relatively moist when worn.

Overall, I thought these contacts were worth the cost and the colour was able to show a lot better on my eyes than the Venus Eye Brown contacts that I’ve previously bought.

~Miss Happy Penguin


David’s Tea Goji Pop

Pop. That is the feeling I get from this lovely tea blend! Sorry, I’ve been a little late on my reviews for teas but during the passed summer, this was my go-to-tea for the season.


David’s Tea Goji Pop is by far one of my favourite teas to use for iced teas. It has so many lovely fruit ingredients such as apple, goji berries and honeydew melon that makes it a wonderful tea to drink in the summer.

At only $8/50g, you can really get a lot out of it. With only 1-2 scoops of this tea and a steep time of 5 minutes, this lovely pink drink is a beverage that is hard to pass up on a hot summery day.


I was really lucky to have had this tea gifted to me because I don’t know if I would have tried it if I saw the name on of the various tins in David’s Tea. Now that I’ve tried it, I’m never going to stop drinking it!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Dollar Rule

Ever have trouble deciding whether or not you should buy an item? Do you regret buying something that you’ve only worn once or twice? I have the solution to your problems!


I’ve always followed The Dollar Rule. An acquaintance of mine explained this to me and it has turned my life around in terms of my buying habits.

I’ve always had difficulties in justifying buying an item and this was a great way of deciding whether or not an item was worth the price that you pay. If you buy an item, you have to ask yourself if you would get a certain number of uses out of it. For example: A jacket is worth $250. Would you get 250 uses out of this jacket? If it was a winter jacket, I think you could easily get 250 uses (assuming that you live in the cold country like myself).

Now whenever I hold an item in my hand – may it be a shirt or a beauty product – I ask myself, “Is it worth the cost?” I go into stores now asking this question, and it has helped me immensely. I used to go into a store and buy whatever items were to my liking. I did not have a price range and I thought it was a very unhealthy buying habit. By following The Dollar Rule, it can cut costs and you won’t have to feel bad for any items that might be collecting dust in your closet.

This rule is also very applicable to beauty products. I find myself spending more money on high quality brands because of this. I do not mind spending $30-$40 on a blush compact because I know that I will be using it 30-40 times. Blushes tend to last for longer periods of time (at least two to three seasons) and by investing in a higher quality brand, you know you are not harming your skin. I hope this little piece of advice has helped you! Take care in the meantime!

~Miss Happy Penguin


David’s Tea Buddha’s Blend

Nirvana. This is the state in which Buddha had reached when he was on his search for inner peace. This tea is inspired by Buddha’s calming nature and perseverance for peace.

David’s Tea Baby Blue Tin

David’s Tea was offering a deal of receiving a free tin with a purchase of 100g of tea. Once I had saw this baby blue coloured tin, I had to buy some. I was also in the mood to try a new tea blend and the sales associate suggested Buddha’s Blend.

Buddha’s Blend Close-Up View

This tea was a blend of both white and green tea. If you know it is a green tea,  you know immediately there was a soothing and calming aspect to it. It also has both jasmine pearls and white hibiscus blossoms. The white hibiscus blossoms bloom after being steeped.

Blooming White Hibiscus Blossoms

The instructions recommend the user to steep the tea 2-3 minutes for both hot and cold. I like to steep mine for 6 minutes as I prefer my tea to be a bit stronger. I find the flavour is much too light if I steep it for the recommended amount of time. If you grew up drinking strong teas, I recommend steeping it for longer to really get the flavour. Any longer than 6 minutes, the tea becomes bitter.


Once steeped, the tea leaves give off a yellowy lemony tint. The tea blend is absolutely beautiful and I feel so calm after a nice cup of Buddha’s Blend. I recommend trying this tea if you’re looking to try a new green tea. It’s not as bitter as regular green teas, as it is a mix of both white and green tea, but you still get the herbal benefits of one.

If you like my post about teas, please let me know. I would love to write more blogs about them. Thank you!

~Miss Happy Penguin


Nike Air Max Thea

Run and Be Happy. A good pair of runners has always been the number one thing on my list of essentials for work. My regular daytime job consists of literally running around with young children. I was eyeing these pair of Nike Air Max Theas for the longest time and I finally purchased a pair. A friend of mine helped me get a pair at the store he works at and I’m happy to have gotten it for the price that it was.

This specific style is the Black/Anthracite/White coloured Nike Air Max Thea shoes. My boyfriend was the one that got me interested in getting a good pair of shoes; he’s been wearing Nike Air Max shoes for several years so I knew this was a good series to try. I have very flat feet so I thought it was about time for me to invest in a good pair of shoes to improve the arch of my feet. Since I’m always on my feet with the kids, I felt these were perfect to wear daily.


These fit perfectly snug the first time I tried them in stores. They were a simple black that I felt were both professional yet stylish. Air Max Theas come in an assortment of different colours so if you prefer to look for a more colourful pair, the Nike store has a bunch.

These shoes can be easily slipped on and off, especially when the kids and I are moving between the indoors and outdoors throughout the day. A lot of teachers that I work with tend to wear heeled or flat boots for work, but I found that they were a drag to take on and off.


I’ve been wearing these shoes nearly every single time for the entire month, and I’m completely satisfied with this purchase. I plan to wear them until they are completely worn out. These shoes are a great buy and if you are in the market for a good pair, definitely take a look at these. Thumbs up for Air Max Theas!

~Miss Happy Penguin