Table 85

More and more Asian cuisine restaurants have opened up in Ottawa and I’m happy to have found this little hidden gem. Table 85 is located on 85 Bronson Street in the basement of a Remax building right off the 417.

I went with a group of 10+ individuals and we had ordered various items to try out their dishes. There were assorted Korean side dishes such as sweet potatoes, kimchi and black beans. A lot of Korean restaurants make and serve their own kimchi dishes.

Sweet And Spicy Fried Chicken
Original Korean Fried Chicken

Table 85 offers different types of fried chicken; we ordered the Original Korean Fried Chicken and the Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken. Both dishes tasted great but I enjoyed the original flavour a little bit more (it also might be due to the fact that my tolerance for spice is lower?). I really taste the soy sauce and honey marinade in this dish.

Fire Seafood Noodles

Next up we have my favourite dish – Fire Seafood Noodles. Although as stated above that my tolerance for spice is low, this dish was worth killing my taste buds for. This dish consisted bok choy vegetables, mussels, shrimp, and carrots in a noodle base. I adore seafood so it was nice to have this part of the meal.

Jajang Noodles

Black bean noodles (also known as Jajang Myun in Korean) is a noodle dish drenched in a black bean sauce. If you’re more into a more saucy type of noodle dish, this would be your best bet. This dish is topped up with cucumbers and some boiled eggs to make sure your taste buds are completely overwhelmed by the black bean sauce. This dish tasted also very good and the portion size could be split between two people.

Beef Sashimi

Last but not least is the beef sashimi. This well-marinated meat dish is served with both pickled radishes and lettuce. Typically you put the beef sashimi in a wrap and add the other side bits/condiments before consumption.

After trying various dishes from Table 85, it is safe to say that they have a wide variety in which all tasted really good. My favourite dish, as mentioned above, would have to be the Fire Seafood Noodles. Each dish varies from $10 to $30. I believe the whole meal costed about $40 each person (including taxes) since we had done a foodie group event. It was a spectacular experience and I would go again!

~Miss Happy Penguin



Butter Avenue

3 years. It took me 3 years to get around to trying this lovely bakery/pastry store. My best friend and I talked about trying this place in our final years of university and we never got around to doing so. I am finally happy to say that I finally ventured into this little shop and purchased some macarons to taste.

Two boxes of 6 and a mini macaron cup


The Butter Avenue location I went to was the one on Queen Street (super close to the airbnb place I stayed at the last time I went to visit). The shop offered many different flavoured macarons and some baked goods. I was only interested in the macarons where I purchased two boxes (one for myself and the other for a friend) and one mini mac cup for my sister.

Mini Macaron Cup

The mini macaron cup was honestly way too cute to pass up on. The flavours that were offered in this cup were Raspberry, White Chocolate Strawberry, Earl Grey, Sea Salted Caramel, Pistachio Wild Cherry and Soothing Lavender (which is hidden in the back). My sister tried them all and she said they were super soft. Her favourite one was the raspberry and the sea salted caramel macarons.

My box of 6 came in a little yellow carton box that was tied together with this white twistable tie. When you opened it up, each of the macarons were displayed in a neat little row.

Flavours in order (left to right) – Sea Salted Caramel, Earl Grey, Hojuicha Roasted Green Tea, Madagascar Vanilla, Lemon Poppyseed and Berry Punch

Above are the macarons that I had handpicked from the selection they had at the store.

Each any every one of these flavours were great on its own and I couldn’t help myself from finishing all of them in one sitting. They were bite-sized and super soft. I couldn’t get over how delicious they were. The colours were vibrant which made them even more appealing to eat.

From the 6 that I had picked, I vote the Sea Salted Caramel and the Earl Grey as my top 2 macarons. The Lemon Poppyseed was a good one too. I had eaten these macarons with a cup of Orange Pekoe tea (which I highly recommend doing if you wanted to cleanse your palette between the macarons).

Overall I had a great experience with Butter Avenue. The staff were very kind and helpful. They gave suggestions on which macarons to try and which were their top sellers. The macarons were scrumptious and I would go again once I’m back in town.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Snack Review: Chocobons Strawberry Bomb

Chocolate? Strawberries? Chocolate and strawberries mixed together? Yes please!

Chocobons is a Chinese snack that my friend sent to me in one of the care packages she sent from Hong Kong. I love trying new snacks, so it was nice to see a new one.

These little bite-sized chocolate balls come in a box package with a realistic picture of what it looks like.

They literally are a small chocolate covered ball that fit between your fingers.


Once you bite into them, you find yourself immediately tasting a strawberry filling. It was a lot more strawberry-tasting than I expected it to be, but it was actually quite good.


It didn’t take me long to finish the whole box of these little chocolate balls. They were easy to get through since they were bite-sized and I adore the mix of both chocolate and strawberry together!

I would definitely buy these boxes of chocolates again in the future if I go to Asia. If you come by one of these it is definitely worth a try.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Snack Review: Tohato Caramel Corn

I find it’s always nice to be able to try something new. One thing that I really enjoy is trying snacks from a different country. I got lucky with having friends who are currently working overseas who send care packages. This little snack review is of the Tohato Caramel Corn. It’s a Japanese branded snack that is more on the sweeter side than on the savoury side.


The packaging is absolutely adorable (which I find holds true to many Asian snacks) because of the little face on the bag. My first impression of the snack was that it is almost too adorable to eat!


I popped open the bag and these little U-shaped hard puffs came out. I don’t particularly enjoy eating puffs but these were harder and have a crunch to it. For some reason, I expected it to be orange coloured but I suppose that is my mind filled with the idea of Cheetos more than anything.

I took a bite out of a few of these little caramel puffs and I was sadly disappointed with the taste of it. I am a huge caramel fan but it had this weird fake caramel taste that was a little unsettling. I only ate the few puffs and never touched it again. It reminds me a little of the caramel corn popcorn but with a weird after taste to it.

When it comes to foreign snacks, it always is a hit or miss. This one was a huge miss but I was still happy to have given it a try.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Green Tea Matcha Crunch


Crunch time means munch time! This little package of crunchy green tea goodness comes from Asia. One of my friends had sent me a bunch of snacks and here is another one of them!


Unfortunately I cannot read Japanese, so I translated the above snack as the Green Tea Matcha Crunch chocolate bars.


They come in a pretty big package with individually packaged chocolate bars.

I like that a lot of asian snacks tend to be individually packaged. I suppose it is much more hygienic if you are sharing snacks with someone else. It also makes a good stuffer if you’re making goodie bags of the sort.


When opened, you find this little green chocolate bar with some traces of nuts embedded in the chocolate. It definitely looks appetizing and I could smell the matcha green tea after opening up the package.


It’s got both a matcha green tea layer and a small layer of chocolate underneath. After having a bite, I could really get a good taste of the matcha green tea. It was flavourful and I could not help but have another one afterwards.

This one is different than the Nestle or the Kit Kat ones that you might have had before. This chocolate bar seemed more of an authentic taste of matcha green tea. I really enjoyed this snack and needless to say it didn’t take me long to devour the whole bag.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Asian Candy – Milk Ball


Milk Ball. You’re probably wondering what this sort of candy tastes like from the sounds of it. My first initial reaction is that it must a chewy sort of candy in the shape of a ball. Let’s see if my first reaction was the correct one!


The package is a little tin with a cute little boy on the front. When you open up the tin, you find a little plastic bag with individual candies.

I find it interesting that they put them into one plastic bag so you don’t lose any of your contents after opening the tin. Each little candy wrapper looks like this:

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the actual candy but it was actually a hard candy in the shape of the ball. It definitely had a milky taste to it and it reminded me a lot of the White Rabbit Candies:


It did not take me long to get through all of these candies because it tasted quite good. I actually liked the fact that it was a hard candy instead of a soft candy because I was able to savour the candy more.

This candy has my stamp of approval and it would be one of the candies I would purchase if I were in Asia.

~Miss Happy Penguin


Kit Kat Cheesecake

Kit Kat. Definitely one of my favourite brands for chocolates but what’s even better is one that comes overseas! One of my best friends sent me a bunch of different Asian snacks. I told her to surprise me with various kinds so I could review them!

Kit Kat Cheesecake is one that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. This Kit Kat is something that you have to bake yourself before having to eat. Unfortunately since I was unable to read the instructions in Japanese on the back, I just googled the instructions online.

I was instructed to pop it into a toaster oven and to toast it for 2.5 minutes. They specifically said not to toast it for any longer than that or it goes up in flames and you’re left with this burnt melty mess. There was quite a few explicit photos of the burned products, so if you want to see how they look, feel free to find them online.

I had two little packages of the Kit Kat Cheesecakes and I placed both o them into my little toaster oven and set my timer to 2.5 minutes. Immediately I knew it was beginning to melt and “bake” because the tops began to turn brown and it began to melt.


The little Kit Kat bars melted and ended up looking exactly how I wanted it to be. One of them was a little more melted than the other but it was tasty nonetheless. It was a lot sweeter than most of the Kit Kat bars that I’ve had, but it might just be due to the fact that it was white chocolate.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience of having to bake a chocolate bar, but I still much prefer to just open the wrapper of my chocolate bar and immediately eating it. I think it would be more worth while if there as some sort of cake that could feed more than one person. If you ever get a chance, I recommend trying it at least once.

~Miss Happy Penguin